Do you even care about the war of the Muslims?

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  • heathen

    yah that too ..................

    Don't beleive the propaganda, the US is not fighting to help these nations or people, it is all about oil, money, and big business profits.

  • bernadette

    Don't beleive the propaganda, the US is not fighting to help these nations or people, it is all about oil, money, and big business profits.

    Yeah but at the end of day its bringing world attention to the problem of fundamentalism and extremism within the muslim world

    I really feel for the women and children who are trapped there. Huge suffering going on.

    I'm not saying sending troops there is the answer - just commenting on the situation as it is.

  • Gill

    This is both a fascinating and truly horrific situation that we have in the Middle East with the Muslims constant bickering fighting and also the problem they have with Israel's existence.

    I have never lived in the middle east and do not know the real character of the people who live there. However I DID until recently believe that there was no way they would NUKE eachother because surely it would be like nuking your own back garden; a very foolish thing to do.

    However, I have a neighbour who lived in Israel and the Middle East countrys for many, many years and I simply said one day that I doubted very much they would nuke eachother as it would be a self destructive act.

    What he said chilled me to the bone.

    'In the Middle East and with the Muslim mentality, they think very differently to us in the West. There is a story that the Israelis tell that demonstrates why they fear the Islamic nations so much and it goes like this:

    A tortoise and a scorpion were standing at the edge of a river. Both wanted to get to the other side. The tortoise was about to start swimming when the scorpion said, 'take me across on your back, please.' The tortoise said 'No! You will sting me and kill me'.

    'Of course I won't' said the scorpion. 'I know you will', said the tortoise.

    After a little more arguing the toroise agreed to let the scorpion ride on his back across the river as he promised he would not sting him.

    Halfway across the river the scorpion stings the tortoise.

    'Why did you do that?!' the tortoise asked.

    The scorpion replied. 'Because my friend, this is the Middle East.'

    Insanity reigns as king in the Middle East. We all have reason to be concerned because they will not be happy in simply destroying themselves.....they have bigger plans.

  • greendawn

    There may be other reasons as to why the USA has gone in strength in Iraq and Afganistan, these are very costly operations to be just for the sake of the locals. It may be oil and it may be to exert pressure on neighbouring Iran and Syria which are thought of as being part of the axis of evil. What is definitely disturbing is the possibility that the moslem extremists (including the Iranian government) may acquire nuclear or biological weapons.

  • Gill

    Greendawn - do you think we may have to defend ourselves from nuclear attack, WITH nuclear attack!?

    The western mentality could not accept the losses in human life involved. However, this is the difference between the two mentalitys....the Muslims extremist mentality has no limits when it come to loss of life, including the life of the individual extremist.

    In the West, we don't want our soldiers going to war in anything less than the best body armour, the best vehicles, the best arms.

    The East is happy to clothe its soldiers in bombs and kill him.

    How do you stop such a twisted mentality?

  • greendawn

    Gill it's hard to tell how the west would react in case of such a nightmare scenario because these terrorists do not act under the direction of any state and it would be hard to strike at a Moslem country just because Moslems terrorists used nuclear or biological weapons. There is little doubt they will use them if they get them or at least they will try to blackmail us by threatening to use them. Then the West will have to act against the more extreme Moslem states such as Iran and Sudan.

  • Gill

    The real 'Sponsors' of terrorism appear to be Iran and Sudan. If they are, then it really is already too late as Iran is about to have the capability to make nuclear missiles.

    If they did point them at 'Us', what could they possible want from us?

    The people of the west would never, ever capitulte to Islamic rule and every one would fight to the death for their freedom and would probably all come together to do that. We might sadly one day, be glad for the Chavs, Survivalists and even the more violent members of our western society. It wasn't so long ago that we had to fight a horrific dictator who was attempting to gain nuclear supremacy and the UK and US, Canada, Australia, NZ and Europeans who stood against him only won by the seat of their pants.

    But trying to anticipate without in fact knowing for sure what they could possibly want could lead to global warfare. IF we thoght the second world war was horrific, what could a East/West nuclear conflagaration do?

    Just insanity every way you cut it.

    I know that I would never want to survive a nuclear war. I fear for the survivors......if any were unfortunate enough to survive.

    Maybe its time for the human race to die out like the dinosaurs. Like the dinosaurs, we have had our day.

  • avidbiblereader
    Don't beleive the propaganda, the US is not fighting to help these nations or people, it is all about oil, money, and big business profits

    Well put and all of should care about war with Muslims, it is and will affect each and everyone of us eventually if it already hasn't.


  • TopHat

    Yep! I see it the way you do. FTBM

  • needproof

    Come on, the U.S is not there to help them, never have been, never will be. 'Letting them fight each other' is a foolish line to take as well. Who were they fighting before America got involved? The Americans have well and truly screwed up - should never have been there in the first place. The muslim nations never asked for American presence in the region! It is them who created the civil war in Iraq. The region was better off under Saddam.

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