Came here to help Watchtower victims or those struggling with the religion at first, now it seems that many here have taken their anger out on God and Christ, so my renewed thought was to defend the Bible and those who had it written. Then as I started a thread just to see what all this hatred for God is about, other threads started and the threads were right on, the hatred for both God and those that love him. This site started as fun, enjoyable to give your peace of mind, now I find it negative, sickening, repulsive and even though I am no longer a witness or ever will or want to go back, this site feeds directly in to what the Watchtower Society says about those that turn apostate, this site is suppose to be a haven for ex witnesses, it is anything but that. While it is not my duty or right to judge anyone and my comments are not pointed at anyone in particular, it is the theme of the site and it is my duty and privledge to judge for myself what is suitable for me and if it is benefical, this site and tone is not benefical to me and quite frankly for anyone wanting to be honest with themselves. Here, if one is honest you will SEE the posters begging for attention and have lost any idendity as to who they really are, I would venture that many here don't really know what they think, how they feel or where they are going, but will continue to post stupid discussions to feel important, needed, wanted and think that their many posts mean something. I will not start a goodbye thread, not that anyone would care or that it would matter to, but I am truly done with this site and battling those who have turned this into a POPULARITY contest. This place is not for me and I only wish those that hate so much, find peace before it is too late, for those that like cyber-land and don't want to deal with the truth of their feelings and thoughts, one day the many posts and popularity that they enjoy here will mean nothing. God will have His say, as much as I want to defend this One who has remained silent for NOW, there is no talking or helping those who are arrogant and bullies and post only to get a pat on the back from their fellow posters as they either still believe in the witness religion deep down inside and/or are only looking for acceptance from men. I hope they find peace but I know that I cannot stand to hear and feel the hatred expressed here anymore for either God and Christ or fellow believers. I will continue my pursuit of reading God's Word and no longer feel the need to be a part of this, I do not know much, but this I do know and including myself is this. "If there was anytime in your life you were going to search for God and Christ, I would do it NOW" Goodbye and wishing you all peace. Out 11\22\2007