Do you even care about the war of the Muslims?

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  • TopHat
    In the USA, just look at how people on both sides are disparaging each other simply for supporting or denouncing the war in Iraq. The ones for the war call the pacifists "Anti-American" and "terrorist supporters." These are just words, but really, how far off are we from having our own little civil strife between these groups? When these group's emotions get fired up as it is and we don't even have an occupying force in our backyard, how safe do you think the streets would be if we did?

    Jourles, I don't think Americans take it to heart as much as Muslims do. Americans might fight in a heated debate when they have a few beers in them, but they don't go around in everyday life making bombs to kill 100's of Americans on a day to day basis. AND I don't think it will ever happen. Americans DO have a LIFE and they treasure that life.

  • heathen

    From what I've heard the government say is that if you aren't for their actions you are in league with the terrorists . Anti war proponents are saying if you are for the war then you are a nazi facist. Too bad for the government that around 70 % of the people are against the war and that includes people in our own military .

  • Brother Apostate
    Brother Apostate

    In the dirty business of world politics, if you want to be the world power, you have to pull the rug out from any nations that are percieved as threat to the continued dominance of the world power.

    If the US and allies weren't doing the dirty business of defusing the middle east problem, another world power would be, and that would mean that the US would no longer be the world power.

    Somebody's got to be the pr*ck, that's just the way it is.

  • Fangorn

    I care a lot, the demographics are getting pretty scary. Not so many years ago the populations of developed countries were about 30% of the total and the populations of Mulim countries was about 15% of the total. Today they are about equal and the birth rate is dropping in the developed nations while it is increasing in Muslim nations. Something like 47% of the population of Yemen is under 15. For anyone who studies history and demographics these are very troubling numbers. For you clowns who think this is all great, I suggest you go live in a Muslim nation for a while and see how you like it. Iran would be good. See how well you do practicing your 'freedoms' there. These people will kill or convert every Westerner if they get the chance, they say it over and over again. It's time people started believing them.

  • greendawn

    As I wrote in my previous post the Iranians with their mullah leaders can't be trusted, these are people of medieval ruthlessness and religious fanaticism as Fangorn has also noted. In the days of the Shah the West had no problems with helping Iran acquire nuclear power but with the Mullah's it's a different story. The Koran does inspire a very arrogant and belligerant attitude towards non moslems.

    Needproof I saw that slide show but it is highly sanitised, it doesn't show some images of horror that happen in Iran: women accused of adultery getting stoned to death, teenage girlds accused of fornication publically hunged, and homosexuals thrown to their deaths from tall buildings. They have a very barbaric way of dealing with sexual transgressions. On the other hand they allow adult men to have sex with little girls six or seven year old if not less. Apparently to them females are of a very low order.

    The Shah for all his defects had in store a much better future for Iran. And of course the US are no angels and they need to have a counter balance in the world but Iran is not powerful enough to do that.

  • TopHat
  • needproof

    Well, I think you really need to step back and take a look at why the media is there and how it whips up people's hatred towards nations they know nothing about. I am out of this thread; definite lack of education going on here.

    Start here:

  • greendawn

    The media do manipulate information by concealing many facts while trying to appear impartial and also by spreading false information but in the case of Iran is it perilous to let the mullahs develop technology that can lead to them producing nuclear weapons or not? It's a black and white issue.

  • Fangorn

    The media has consistently down played the threat of Islam, it is not politically correct for them to address the facts in this matter. And yeah, there's a definite lack of education here as exemplified by needsproof.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog
    American "help": the pyromaniac fireman?

    To all you "world citizens" Nark

    Be careful what you wish for!

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