How is the Good News going to be preached Earthwide- if it's not by JWS?

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  • restrangled

    Websters Dictionary

    Preach : to deliver a sermon

    Sermon : a religious discourse delivered in public usually by a clergyman as a part of a worship service

    In the context of these two definitions, how does a JW explain what they do as preaching the Good News Earthwide?

    Isn't this the group that employed the drop and run tactic during the last tract campaign?

    How many people signed up after finding that Good News at their doorstep?

    The question shouldn't be who else is going to preach the Good News, the question should be When will Jehovah's Witnesses start preaching the Good News?

    r's hubby

  • Honesty

    Mad has been presented with the real Good News of the Kingdom before.

    Everytime Mike gets a dose of the Real Jesus he applies full throttle and returns to the Mother ship for further instructions.

  • DanTheMan

    DamntheMan wrote:"That REAL SOON NOW God is going to kill the 99.9% of humanity that isn't a follower of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society doesn't seem to qualify as "Good News" if ya ask me..."

    Mad: Love your insulting sarcasm- I'm ALMOST as good at it as you! It appears that I am the ONLY one who HAS asked you- and now I regret it!

    I am not above using sarcasm if it helps to wake up a JW from their religious stupor.

    The next time you're at the Kingdoom Hell and they talk about the "destruction of this old system", or the "lifesaving preaching work", please think, in real world terms, about just exactly what is being implied by such phrases. Billions of dead people, that's what. Next time you're at the grocery, or a movie theater, or at a restaurant, think about what you're religion teaches (and has taught for 100+ years now) is going to happen any day now to all the people around you.

  • Seeker4

    Mad wrote: " What kind of a Witness am I? A MAD one! Why be obediant to my SLAVE? However, I have NO doubts about the Kingdom! My brotherhood- I'm worried about, tho!"

    Let's see if I understand you. Are you saying you're mad at the F&DS class? Good, that's a start.

    And are you also saying that you're worried about the JW rank and file, the brotherhood? Good. I am too, which is why I'm on this site and doing what I can here and personally to help people get out of that organization.

    I'm mad at the Org as well. Mad at all the deception and how things were always so dishonestly twisted to make us see things in a certain way. For example, the myth that the Witnesses were actually preaching the kingdom worldwide, among others.


  • Stoic

    Hi Mad, It is valuable the balance that you bring to these discussions. I like the way you keep people honest with there comments. Just some points regarding your reply to german. “German- (1) I'm not a Russelite- were you? Is that reference supposed to enlighten me somehow? (2) "Conversion of the World"? Are you high? (3) Not ONE of the sixteen hundred millions.....You must be working alonside Christ to know that, eh? (4) Divine Plan of the Ages? Hah! I KNEW it - you ARE a Russelite!” 1) a) are not the JWs just Russelites with a name change. b) are not the doctrines Pastor Russel espoused are at the core of the JWs (144000, the quiet second coming, 1914, ransom etc.) c) i thought the JWs recognise him as a prophet 4) a) Was not the Devine Plan of the Ages published and republished after his death by the Watchtower, bible and tract society and considered (at least at the time) divinely inspired? Or at least inspired by spirits (possibly an angry drink like bourbon :) The light can get brighter but can it change colour. Do JWs now burn all their books before 1975 as apostate or can we still reference them? Which make me ask are you really sure you are not a russelite? Admittedly there is no more organised door-to-door preaching work than the JWs. They truely are the Avon of Christianity.... and both at least use to believe in pyramid schemes:) But does the bible specify that the Good News would be preached door-to-door and then the end will come? I would argue (guess) that mediums such as the christian TV channels reach more people.

  • Kaput

    Seeker4 ---

    He's not THAT kind of mad.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Isn't this the group that employed the drop and run tactic during the last tract campaign?

    Restrangled makes a good point. So, if the "Good News" is what the WTS prints,
    then nobody is preaching it. The dubs are just leaving it with the coupon and
    grocery flyers at doors and laundromats. I would expect so much more from
    God's representatives. If they knew they had the truth, costs at this late date would
    be irrelevant. They tried to tell people via the door-to-door work, but that no longer
    works. They could either do it the Bible way, at the marketplace and in the synagogues
    (and modern-day churches) or they could do it with television, radio, billboards. Even
    if they can't see the costs justified, it's lifesaving work and God will bless them for it
    (assuming the Good News is what the WTS prints).

    Nobody in the First Century went from house-to-house, systematically contacting
    everyone with the Good News. That's the WTS misapplication/misinterpretation of
    scriptures, and it's not wrong to do it, but it's wrong to say that's the way God
    commands his people to spread the Good News. If you make the argument that it is
    God's way to spread Good News, then why is it done through leaflets left on the doorstep?
    Be bold witnesses- be persecuted for His name- get arrested and proclaim that name in
    courts and before powerful political people. Stop sneaking up to doors, and running away.


    OnTheWayOut said:

    Stop sneaking up to doors, and running away.

    Last summer my doorbell rang.I ran downstairs to answer the door.No one was there.I looked on the ground and saw a pamphlet.They rang the doorbell and ran.I used to do the same thing and it will continue since most ot the members know they are forced to go out in service with the same old message.Put in your 10 hours a month and they(WTS,ELDERS) will leave you alone.

  • Mad

    RWC wrote: "Until the time of the REformation, the only Christian church in existence was the Catholic Church. Christianity spread throughout the world directly because of the Catholic Church. Unless of course you do not believe that the Christian church existed before the JWs came along. "

    Mad- Now that you ASKED, I believe there have always been Christians down thru the centuries, never really organized- and CERTAINLY not the Catholic Church! To call them Christian is like calling Hitler a Pacifist! You need to study up on Catholic History, my friend! I never did, when I was a Catholic- and was APPALLED beyond words when I did!

    I guess that's one of the many reasons why the goofy things my organization does sometimes does not bother me to the point of giving up on "Gathering Together" in Christ's Name!!!


    THIS was the Christian Church?????????????????????????????????

    HooHooHoHoHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! If it WAS, no WONDER people cling to Evolution!

  • Honesty

    Mad, are you the same guy that once asked me how many Christmasy things I had in my home?

    I didn't have any. Unless you want to count the nearly 500 cards that I received from friends and clients. Notice that I didn't receive any from a single family member. Their trust is in a man-made organization and not in Christ so they follow the dictates of that organization to the letter and only think about Christ once a year as (all but one of them) they refuse to drink of His blood and eat of His flesh.

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