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  • TopHat

    Thank You for your story Synergy. Iam glad you found your way out. It is my prayer that all prisoners of the the watchtower can find their way out of that God forsaken cult.

  • dontknow

    Hello Synergy,

    your experience, concise and lucid has made me have second thoughts about being baptised. I have studied the bible a long time ago with JWs and recently came into contact with the JW whom I studied with more than 20 years ago and continued discussing prophecies. I love bible teachings and learnt to love Jesus and Jehovah But after reading your post there is no way on earth I will ever swear allegiance to the Watchtower society but only have faith in Jesus and Jehovah. The bible does not state anything about swearing allegiance to a bible society on earth. I was taught that only false religions had doctrines but after reading your post you clearly stated a WT doctrine regulating the rules which must be unconditionally obeyed. I totally disagree with that because Jesus taught us to seek and we shall find; in other words question everything to find the truth. But these elders state that you can ask questions but cannot question the answer; true bible believers will begin to have doubts about how the congregation is run just like I have right now.

    These elders seem to me to be self appointed within this society and make the decisions themselves; not from direct inspiration from God. An interesting point you made really attracted my attention where you state when one is disfellowed they are completely banished and branded child of the devil; one is not permitted to speak or have any association with the disfellowed. Does this mean if an ex JW has a heart attack in the presence of his/her former brothers and sisters they would not help? Jesus encourages us to prey for our enemy. It is extremely disgusting to be ridiculed in the presence of others and more so for a very young person. I think these elders have lost the plot and make life a lot more difficult for everyone than it already is. When they decide someone is to be kicked out of the congregation why is it necessary for them to brand someone child of the devil, worldly person? Why do they influence others not to have anything to do with the disfellowed; that is a form of complete filthy arrogance. Don't they know that God only decides who lives and who doesn't; "vengeance is mine" he says. Jesus also says "you must not judge" and as far as their "judicial" system is concerned where 2 witnesses are required to testify against a child molester to have any weight, we here in Australia call that a kangaroo court, meaning it is run by a pack of galahs. (A galah is a native Aussie bird that has a high screeching call and not much else going for it).

    As I type these words, I feel for you and wish I was there to defend you in the most difficult times. I'm pausing now because it is extremely upsetting for me to read that you were molested when very young and the filthy perpetrator was exonerated and your baby daughter was smacked repeatedly in the kingdom hall for making baby noises......I don't know how you put up with it for so long; there is no way that this is the way of Jehovah to raise children. You have demonstrated to be a very resillient, strong person who knows what you need and please, please don't ever think about suicide again for anyone or anything; Jehovah created us to be happy, healthy and enjoy life not to be subjects of tyrrants.

  • Good Girl or Bad Girl?
    Good Girl or Bad Girl?



    Thank you.

    It took me three days to read through the first part. Like others, I had to stop reading because I was consumed with such a sadness, such anger, such hatred for all the injustices you have endured, I couldn't read through my tears...

    Thank you for finding your words and telling your story. You will help those who read it. You described things in such a way that many have a hard time doing. Anyone who reads this will have a much better understanding of what goes on in those kingdom halls.

    What you have gone through, what you have endured, I am just so sorry. I can relate to some of it. Some of it I wish NO ONE, most of all YOU, could ever relate to. I'm so so sorry.


  • VanillaMocha73

    Your story is all too familiar.
    I was raised a JW, homeschooled, and spent 90 hours a month from age 9. Before that, I was left home alone to tackle my schooling alone, because the JWs told my mom that if the householders caught me not in school, it might be a bad witness. I remember the beatings - my mom said proudly that she never took me out - she just beat me right in the seat and if I hollered it would be that much worse for me. Yes, sitting still for hours on end, during meeting prep, family study, service, meetings is the life course for most of the JW young ones. Beatings - pretty much normal. Only thing to do with life is get married - yep - did that too. Married way to young to an older "brother" because he was a MS and a pioneer. Oh, and an abuser. I mean, what kind of mid-30s guy would marry a teen? Sexual abuse was fairly rampant, altho I escaped the most of that - but you have a bunch of brothers who can only marry "in the truth" and no other sexual activity, etc - doesn't that breed trouble? My condolences to you and life is better out here in God's love.

  • mia_b


    That was a hard read, made me cry. i am so thankful I didn't go through all the the stuff you did, I was abused by my father but I went to school and didn't get beaten really. You must be a really srong person now - look at all you survived!

  • NewYork44M

    It took a couple of tries but I finally finished. Far too painful an experience to finish in one setting. I will you the very best.

  • Heather

    You've been through so much..some I can relate to but you had it so much harder. I can't wait to hear the rest of your story....i will comment on the spanking of your children....When I had my first child I remember him making some noise during a meeting and I stood up and rocked him in the back of the hall. An elder came up to me and offered to take him outside and spank him for me....I was disgusted. I have lovley memories of being taken to the bathroom or outside and spanked and many memories of hearing outher children scream from the bathroom after you could hear the sound of open hands hitting bare flesh...

  • BlackPearl


    That is/was an amazing story, I was late for work because of it. No harm done though, I'm sefl employed. I sure hope you've got the next installment ready, we want to hear the rest of the story. You went through soo much, it was amazing to read how you just kept trying to cope with all of it. What really worries me, is how many have and are going through the same thing. It's a shame, makes you just wanna cry for all children. Thank you again.


  • Mrs Smith
    Mrs Smith

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  • lisavegas420
    It took a couple of tries but I finally finished. Far too painful an experience to finish in one setting. I will you the very best.



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