Life is strange with its twists and turns. Can you see straight ahead or are you waiting to get around the next corner. I turn my corner only to find a dead end and have to turn around and start again. I rejoice when I find a prize that lets me know i'm on the right track. A bit of information a piece of knowledge that escaped me once before. I have love beside me, with me, every part of the way. It wasn't there in the begining but I feel it now with me, part of me. Every so often i round a corner and find a nice open space inviting and comforting helping me realize that this maze of life isn't unecessary but part of living and part of learning. Only I get to choose which path to take and which way to turn and wether i want to keep going or try another path. Life isn't always fun and games, sometimes its uncertian and trying and that is when we find strength inside ourselves to realize it can get better or worse but it is all up to us.