How Far Up The "Ranks" Did You Go In The Organization?

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  • aniron

    At age 18, I was a Regular Pioneer. At 20, a Ministerial Servant. At 24 an elder. At 30, I was the Presiding Overseer.

    In my old congregation you wouldn't have been considered for being an Min Servant until were round 30, never mind being PO.

    I was 35 before I was a Min Servant and had been a JW for 15 years.

    I was Literature Servant for the next 10 years.

    Then through circumstances that led me to learn the "truth" about the Watchtower and DA'ing.

    When they got my letter an Elder called me to say that they were going to recommend me as an Elder at the next CO's visit and could I not reconsider not DA'ing.

    I had written that I could no longer continue as a JW becuase of learning about the lies and deceit of the Watchtower, and having read "Crisis of Conscience"

    Yet here they were ringing asking me up to continue AND become an Elder !!!!

  • Warlock


    Assistant Book Study Conductor

    Magazine Room

    Literature Room

    Had a talk at a CA

    Invited to all the 'good' gatherings, of course.

    Now, not even a phone call. Should I be happy, or sad?


  • LongHairGal

    I guess I was one of the "dead beats" with "garbage" hours, but I didn't care.

    Most of the idiots who made remarks about people's low hours fell into the category of retirees who forgot what it was like to be in the work force; somebody living at home with a part time job (this person could be 45, by the way); stay at home housewives and last, but not least, pioneers doing cleaning jobs. All these people were very free with comments about others like me who could not be out there. Now, who cares?

    I also hated the ministry school because I hated getting together with women I didn't like just to do these stupid skits. It inflicts the "sisters" on one another in a way that the "brothers" are not and I resented this. I think the whole thing was dreamed up by somebody who liked seeing all the "womenfolk" working together like some quilting bee. Maybe it made him feel all warm and fuzzy but I hated it.


  • awaken2004
    What a huge waste of time! I was nothing, really. I was a young big headed kid telling older ones how they should do this or that.

    There was a guy appointed an elder in his mid twenties in my old congregation. He seemed nice but had a big head too.

    He also made it very clear to all the women that we were in subjection to him. What an asshole! Not so nice after all. LOL

    One time working out of town at a trade show, a few other witnesses and myself, (we worked for a few different local businesses) he made it clear I was in subjection to him. LOL

    We all met after work one evening to go to dinner then the local kingdom hall. This other witness guy asked me where I wanted to have dinner.

    The a-hole "brother" said . . . "Sisters can make suggestions but not decisions." I'll never forget that. LOL I was so irritated with this idiot. Me and the other guy just looked at each other in disbelief at the ridiculous comment. LOL

    Okay, so I didn't hold any privileges, obviously because I'm a woman. I aux pioneered many times but that is all.

  • minimus

    Wow! What a dick!

  • Amber Rose
    Amber Rose

    I pioneered for 5 years and was MS-wife for a short time, maybe. Goofball elders were not sure if husband was MS or not. (Like, how does that even happen?)

    Anyway this thread just shows how stupid the GB is for not letting women have privledges. They have tons of single "sisters" willing to work for them for nothing in return while they are living in next to poverty. Why not take advantage of that? I have known many single women pioneering thier hearts out, just dying for more responsibility and wishing to marry a CO so that they could advance in the ranks. Jehovah must not be blessing their efforts by sending them an independently wealthy, georgeous, spiritual giant to sweep them off their feet and into the new system - gotta pioneer harder.

  • minimus

    I guess marrying a CO ranks right up there!

  • blondie

    I don't think if you married a CO, minimus, that it would help your status much.

  • AuldSoul

    Baptized at 12

    Auxiliary Pioneer from 12 - 16

    Regular Pioneer from 16 - 17.5

    MS from 17.1 - 17.5

    Nothing but ocassional auxiliary from there on out. Never tried to reach out. Never went along with elders urging me to do so.

  • jaguarbass

    At 20 I pioneered for a year and was a ministerial servant. At 23 1975 came and went and took my zeal.

    The religion was my mothers choice. I only did what I did because they had me bamboozled with Armegeddon, when I didn't happen I reexamined my position.

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