How Far Up The "Ranks" Did You Go In The Organization?

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  • juni

    Continually auxiliary pioneered. Big whoop! Until they started pestering me to sign up for regular pioneering. Couln't do that w/a family and the responsibilities.

    Wasn't good enough for them I guess. God I'm glad I'm out.


  • greendawn

    Not far as I was an active dub for only a year though I pioneered during that time. Thereafter I became inactive and somewhat rebellious with time and was marginalised. As I can see unless one does the meetings preaching quota one has no chance of promotion even if otherwise an exemplary Christian (but are the dubs Christian?) and family man.

  • willyloman

    Elder for 22 years, 10 as school overseer, 8 as WT overseer, plus short stint as secretary. Used at Circuit and District gatherings for numerous demonstrations, parts and talks. Was an overseer on the administration team (don't want to give too much away here) and sat upstairs in Most Holy during conventions for several years. Frequently tapped by CO for appeal committee duty (we actually overturned one JC decision). For years when kids were young, our house was the congo's permanent party palace. We were well known and, I used to think, well liked but our fading was apparently unforgiveable and no one calls to inquire.

  • pobthespazz

    A lot more info on the administration team req'ed please..

  • The Lone Ranger
    The Lone Ranger

    10 years as an MS.

    Account servant for 8 years.

    Aux Pioneer, Reg Pioneer for 7 years. Severed where need was greater.

    MTS Grad.

  • zack



    Elder, School Overseer, WT Conductor, BookStudy Overseer, Circuit Talks, RBC, temp worker at Walkill

  • minimus

    Any of you Californians know the Richard Pierce family???

  • brunnhilde

    Being a woman, I regular pioneered until I couldn't stand it anymore. Was married to an MS that was made an elder. Guess this is really more a thread for the guys since wimmen are useless in the B'org except as the "large army" of drones...

  • blondie

    The thing to remember is that any women is below the least baptized brother as long as he is not restricted in praying (then a woman must pray with a head covering). No matter whether you are a regular pioneer, elder's wife, MS wife, CO or DO wife, Bethelite, when the prayer is to be said the man goes first.


  • pobthespazz

    i used to hate that stupid damn rule about head covering... when i became devoid of all privileges in the cong I went around my mums for dinner one night with my sister and after some embarrassing pauses my mum gets a towel and covers her head and proceeds to give the most shitty stupid, pointless prayer you could ever hear in your life , .... i never forgave her for that , she might as well prayed to Satan... stupid women!

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