If I was to walk into your home . . .

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    what one thing would I see that would tell me the most about you?

    The center of my home is my computer and my books

    Standing at the door that is the first thing you will see.

    Information has been central to my life as far back as I can remember. I spent many times as a child scouring the shelves in libraries. As a teen I spent most nights huddled under my blankets with a lamp and a book reading long into the night.

    At the end of my marriage to the JW I spent many nights falling asleep on the sofa with a book in my hand.

    The phrase "Information is power" means a lot ot me.

    Funny thing though is that I hated reading WT literature.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    The first thing you'd notice in our house would probably be our pc and books as well. With the printer and scanner, it does take up a fair bit of space here.

  • avidbiblereader

    My Bibles one the end table next to the sofa. Then the pictures of my family, the kids and grandkids with my wife.


  • mouthy

    as you walk in the door. you will find Fat old lady grace- dressed in two sweaters long warm slacks thick socks ,,,cos it is freezing in here. It is 16 below outside, Then if you go to the right you will see me at my computor....after reading them ( jwd) I listened to Charlie Price on T,V, EXCELLENT in MY opinion. Now I am just giving a great big HUG to Lady Lee.... Love ya sweetie....

  • sibboleth

    you would notice the pictures of my children - I am so proud of them... my son is a freshman in college - studying pre-med.

    My daughter is a freshman in high school and captain of her dance team... she is an A student, plays basketball, runs track and is VP of her class...

    despite years of JW control - I have 2 beautiful and normal children who are allowed to be themselves - and guess what - they are polite, honest, hard working and loving...

    after the pics, you would see my guitars - I love music...



  • skyking

    If you walked into my home you would be greeted by love and real hospitality. Your home is modest with no lavish fixtures as some people on this board have mentioned they would not like seeing, we have dear antlers on the walls of our home. Also animal prints adorn our walls. Outside our home you would see geese, chickens, cows, horses and all manor farm life. We would try to get you to stay for dinner and my wife would get the guitar out and play for you making you stay enjoyable

    Our home is never locked but my valuables are locked in my safe. We believe in treating everyone that has no ill content towards us as family.


  • orangefatcat

    I believe the first thing you would notice is the door to my bedroom at the end of a short hallway, There you will notice a very large armoir (rubbermaid brand) filled to capacity with all my scrapbooking and art and crafts material. right beside the bed you will see my side table with the phone and lamp and beside that oh I'd say my large study bible, concordance and my other everyday bible tons of papers on sermons, and folders with every kind of notes and pictures.

    If you cameinto the front door and looked to the left it is my front room first glance is the Television next to it on my table is my PC and three printers. tons of electrical plugs and a large portarait of myself done in the fall of 1999. Shelfs full of brick and brack and collectables of value. Which I have tried to sell in order to make money but no one is buying what I have.

    So that is what you'd see immediatley.

    our apartment is very small and cramped oh yes I also have a Hammond Organ given to my by our Church. Hoping at some point and time to take lessons.


  • Gayle

    Right now you would see Valentine decoration all over!! And outdoors

    June-Sept - patriotic decor all over & outdoors

    Oct - Halloween decor and outdoors

    November - Thanksgiving decor

    December - loaded Christmas & winter decor and very much outdoor also.!!

    I try to celebrate life all round!!!

  • done4good

    Lots of pictures of the wife's, (not mine, wonder why?), family throughout the house. Upstairs, in the office, lots of books, mostly of either an IT or history nature. The office also shares space with my other passion, music. About 1000 LPs on the shelves there, along with my "old school" McIntosh stereo.


  • anewme

    Lady Lee if you were to walk into my home you would first be surprised by how small my cabin is and wonder how two people can live in such a small space!

    My life, once so filled with friends and family, a big house and a huge religious organization, has been reduced to a very quiet life in a two room cabin by a creek.

    As you step in you see the main room is the living room and kitchen combined. The bedroom and bath are
    through a small doorway.

    In one corner of the cabin is my desk and laptop which looks out over a 10 acre field towards the creek.
    As I write to you there are three deer moving slowly through the tall dry grasses. It is now February and we have had little rain this winter. The deer have been hungry for months.

    We would sit down together on the little sofa and I would serve you tea and we would enjoy listening to the many songbirds outside...... and both agree I am very lucky to be here.

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