If I was to walk into your home . . .

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  • restrangled

    This is such a great thread!

    As you come up the front walk you would be greeted by a large cat and walk under a canopy of Birds of Paradise. When you come in you would immediately feel like you were back outside as there is a large 6 x 6 foot window looking out to the backyard and pool surrounded by 15 foot bamboo under the shade of an 80 year old oak tree. You would also be greeted by 2 large Dobermans wagging their tails but respectfully waiting for you to notice them.

    To your left you would find a cozy living room all in wicker and rattan furniture with lots of greens and yellows. The art work is of parrots in the jungle and the room is filled with plants and good smelling candles. Beyond that you would see a large inviting kitchen to come and sit in and have something to eat or have a glass of wine. In the back corner you would see my piano where a dining room should be.

    To the right of the entrance is a wide hallway where my desk is with my computer.

    Our home is on the small side but it is happy and comfortable. You would be welcome anytime!


  • aarque

    When you step in the door of my house you'd see books, a computer and more books. Step up into the kitchen and living room and you'd probably see more books. I've been a librarian for nearly 36 years. Lady Lee is right: knowledge is power.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    on the wall closest to the door is my 420 day calander "The Best of BC Bud". you'd see the feburary pic of a nice crystally bud, like this one:

    and, ironically, my work bike leaning against the wall, lance armstrong's old training frame, the trek 420. lol.


  • Xena

    My daughters shoes...lots of them on the floor by the entry. Computer on the dining room table. Comfy couch with a nice view out the window. Movies and games scattered on the floor. Chinese tea set on the granite coffeetable. Oil painting of an old spanish town in the living room. Free standing spanish oak bar with a granite top. Lots of school papers on the dining room table. Very lived in comfortable place.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    If I was to walk into your home........

    I would have to kill you. So you wouldn't tell people how lazy my family is.

    Been away awhile, checking in to see how the Canada babies are affecting the WTS. Missed alot of ya'll. Life is just so busy now. HL

  • mrsjones5

    A mess


  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    You wouldn't get too far at first, the dogs would want you to drop everything and visit with them first (r, mabe you can give me some training tips???).

    You'd first come into my kitchen, it's an old house, but new kitchen. It's where I spend most of my time, I love to cook, especially for other people. Then through the dining room, the table currently has the lap top on it. My china cabinet is filled with special things - the china tea cup that was mine when I was a little girl at my grandmas house - we'd always have tea together, and two china cups from my other grandma that had very special meaning to her. There are alot of pictures in here, of me and hubby, my grandmas, my neices and nephews and lots of plants because of the patio doors. Into the living room, hopefully you'll find it warm and inviting on this cold and windy winter day. Woodstove, comfy couch, recliner and rocking chair, take your pick, and honey coloured hardwood floor. Lots of family pics here too, various vacation photos, one of me with a nice small mouth bass I caught a couple of years ago, and while you're sitting in the warmth of the fire, you can relax by watching the fish in the aquarium. Lots of plants in here too and a soothing water fountain. One dog right in front of the woodstove on the hearth, and another curled up at your feet (she's such an attention hog).


  • Paisley

    Quilts, specific stuffed animals, plenty of audio/video related items, and various books scattered about, only partially read.

  • Finally-Free

    Each room would say something different about me. My collection of kitchen gadgets and cookbooks would tell you I love to cook and try new things. My livingroom has my bird, companion, and love of my life, Rocco in the centre of it. My office had 6 computers, several routers, firewalls, switches, and wireless access points in it. Another room houses my hunting, fishing, and other outdoor recreation equipment. My garage houses my motorcycle as well as many, many tools from the days when I worked as a machinist. You can still find some squeegees in there too. Books are in every room, according to subject.


  • truthsearcher

    You would see



    Mother and child art collection

    Original oil paintings of farmsteads

    Homeschool projects and papers

    Bibles, concordances, Bible dictionaries

    STACKS OF APOSTATE LITERATURE!!!!! (If you are an active JW, I would hide that before you came in)

    Did I mention, BOOKS, BOOKS, and more BOOKS?

    You would get a hug arriving and leaving, be well fed with home baking, and feel that you had been part of a big noisy family...Depending upon the time of day, you might find me in my pjs, curled up beside the woodstove ...if it got late, you'd be invited to stay overnight and have a pj party

    When are you coming for a visit?

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