If I was to walk into your home . . .

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  • coffee_black

    Family pictures and art. I love color, order, simplicity .. and the feeling of serenity. I think it reflects that...


  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    My front door opens right up into my kitchen where you will usually find a pile of shoes by the door . Our crazy rat terrier will insist on greeting you by barking and begging for a pet .The focal point of the weekend is my husband laying under a quilt on the couch in front of the television . My house is small ,but warm and comfy . My love of nature and photography is evident in every room. You will see I like to decorate in warm colors like burgundy , dk green , golds ,and terra cotta. Family is very important to me and pictures of them are every where. Books on a large variety of subjects fill two bookcases . My computer is tucked around the corner in the kitchen . In the spare room you'll see a collection of old camera's and photography books . My husbands archery paraphernalia is strung about several rooms . After you are here a while our big fluffy cat will come out and inspect your lap as to whether you are worthy of stroking him .

  • AudeSapere

    Horrible Life - you have a pm.

    When I moved to my new home last year I vowed to keep the entry and living room tidy. I wanted to create a warm and inviting room so that *I* would feel comforted when I walked into my home. (Think favorite corner in a special resort.) I have a nice open entry way and put an antique cabinet from my grandpa there. (OK there *is* a little bit of clutter on the cabinet - but not too much). After the tile entryway, you can either go up the stairs (on the right) to the bedrooms or straight ahead to the living room - one step down. The living room has a large comfy sage green sectional couch with a chenille throw on it. A glass coctail table with a few candles on it is in front of the couch. There are also two books that I am reading set on the table. There's a fireplace that I haven't used yet.

    My TV and stero equipment are enclosed in an armoir so that they don't become the prime or competing focus.

    There is a large picture window in my living room and sliding glass doors in the adjacent dining room. The view outside is of a captivating mountain across from the golfcourse that is my backyard. I have a small patio that still needs help. All that's out there is a new table and chairs and an outdoor gas heater so I can sit with outside nearly year-round.

    My pictures are not hung up yet and I'm not sure if they will be. I think I want new things to hang on the walls and currently have no money.

    I have two bedrooms (both have private bath attached) and the spare one will be turned into a 'Spa Room' at some point. It is very sunny with a great view of the mountain. (It's where I keep my computer and office stuff) This room is great for visiting guests.

    There is always food in my fridge and a variety of beverages so I am ready for company in a flash. Just tell me when you are about 30 minutes away and I'll be ready...!!!


  • Cellist

    You'd see art and more art. Books. China. Musical instruments (and lots of sheet music). Comfortable furniture in a double living room with a large Tyndal stone fireplace in the middle. You'd probably relax and feel comfortable very quickly. We've entertained people from all over the world; for years we operated a Bed and Breakfast here.

    You wouldn't see our computer until you went to the far end of the house.


  • Mulan

    Pictures, pictures and more pictures.

    In the entry are photos of my grandparents, great grandparents, my parents as children, and my husband's parents, their parents, and even his grandfather's grandmother. All framed on a gallery wall.

    In the living room are photos of all my kids and their spouses, the two of us, wedding photos and all the grandkids.

    It's a family place.

  • juni

    This is sort of a virtual walk through hey Lady Lee?

    When you came through my front door you'd be greeted by two spastic mini cockers. Then take note of my husband sitting at the end of the leather couch w/remote in hand and staring at the TV. You'd see inherited oil paintings on the walls and some antique pieces of furniture and a grandfather's clock made of walnut also some Tiffany lamps. On the entertainment center is an arrangement of family photos, vases and a silk floral arrangement.

    Little kitchen has been totally remodeled in a craftsman/shaker style w/wood floor. One bathroom decorated w/green and lavendar colors w/iris and lilacs in a vase and very clean, one bedroom with a king size bed and very tall headboard w/antique dressers and a book case full of books and knick-knacks. Second bedroom w/a queen size bed and antique desk w/my computer, etc.

    Small, but comfortable. And you're welcome to stay any time.


  • evetteto

    Skyking, Im headed down south tonite and if u are on the way to MS ill take you up on the dinner offer..dont want to disappoint your wife

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    If you like rabbits, you'll love meeting my dust-bunnies!

  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    What a great thread Lady Lee, it has been so fun imagining all your homes!

    To come to my house you would have to start with a phone call or a honk at the gate to be let in. From there you would walk by the horses corrals (they will be checking you out and probably prancing around with tails up at the commotion) and 2 huge dogs would greet you. Well if they don't know you you would not make it past the gate without an escort. If I am not expecting you it will look something like this;

    When you first walk in you will see a parrot in or on a large black iron cage who will be greeting you with "HELLO HELLO HELLO" to your left, a little table and chairs with the parrots boom box on it and it will probably be on playing praise music, one glider chair with a cover on it that will probably have dog toys and Dave's shoes or other personal items in it since Hiedi the rat terrier will keep his things close to her and she sleeps in the chair, a view to the room addition in progress through the sliding glass doors, the very old wood stove painted white and needing a new coat with a fire going, a crippled pidgeon in a large cage by the stove, cement floors partially painted in light pink, white walls and more dogs, moms chihuahua, and the newest member Lady dog, medium sized golden dog with black eyeliner and a black toungue that will be out in a huge smile.

    Straight ahead you will see a bookshelve full of Bibles, commentaries, all kinds of sheet music, and dictionaries, next to it is hubby's warddrobe with a collection of rare dolls and antiques toys on top. Beyond that on the left is the kitchen with a table up against the wall full of boxes of cereal and organic fruit in white bowls.

    To your right is a wall full of family pictures and my mothers art, a tiny little china cabinette with a few nice cups and saucers. There are some pretty plants around the room, one that is always flowering. A vase of daisies on the table. 1 or 2 keyboards leaning up against the wall, folded keyboard stands, metal box of keyboard stuff, a banjo and a guitar both in their cases.

    We have 3 people living in 745 square feet. Well 3 people, 6 dogs, 2 horses, the birds..and a fish in the kitchen. During the winter the dogs all sleep indoors at night. Being a germophobe, unless I am sick in bed the floors will be very clean despite it all! The dogs are potty trained and the small ones use special pads.

  • misguided

    6 kids (aged 9-19)

    1 dog

    2 cats (plus one who thinks he's ours - he's always on the deck)

    2 bunnies - geeze how long do these things live? One we've had for 10 years now...and he was supposedly 2 when we got him.

    1 guinea pig

    1 gerbil

    1 budgie bird

    about 25 Convict fish

    my fiance's 3 kids and 1 grandbaby

    more kids...that aren't mine...just hangin' out

    and a HUGE MESS!!

    and my very awesome fiance!

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