If I was to walk into your home . . .

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  • BrentR

    Our living room is all frontier and rustic looking very much like a ski lodge. There are a few frontier knives, tomahawks I have made on display and oil lamps. Above our woodstove there is a mantle with trinkets from the early 1800's. There is also an oak and glass display case with meteorites, mammoth tusks, fossils, gold nuggets that I have found prospecting and arrowheads we found on our place.

    If Jim Bowie or Davy Crocket hired an interior decorater then it would look like our living room. I do alot of blacksmithing so some of my work is also displayed around the house. It is all very simple and "earthy" but far from "gay".

  • RAF

    Things which really talks about me

    • When I'll open the door you'll see right behind me I picture of bruce lee or the Che (depends on my mood)
    • In the living room a large low table/desk (on it : my computer and the printer, under it the scanner, externals hard drives)
    • a bass guitar (one of my sons once just to remind him) a synthetiser, an elyptic and a rower device ... and you'll always see a big picture of a tiger.
    • My books are in the hall next to the bathrooms
    • most of the little things to decorate are African or chinese (and of course european) to remind me all my origines.
  • jeanniebeanz

    The first thing you would see would be pictures of my family and art work they have created over the years, framed in the entry way and living room. After that, it would mostly resemble a construction zone as my hubby is remodeling the house (again).


  • lovelylil

    When you first walk in the door, you will be in the mudroom and you will notice the large sign that reads "Where there is Love in the Home, there is Joy in the heart".

    Next you will enter the kitchen and will see a lot of old china, (blue willow pattern) and in addition several antique roosters and italian pottery scattered thru out this area. You will also find a Bible on the kitchen table marked with the spot of that days scripture I am meditating on. You will see many family photos attached to the fridge and most likely toys belonging to the kids. (they are all over our little home)

    Next room is the family room filled with shelves of books and photos of the kids and nieces and nephews. You will find many bible translations and Christian books sitting next to the Tanakh, the Koran and books by the Dali Lama. You will also see a lot of candles scattered around my home and they will be burning no matter what time of day you enter my home, so enjoy the fragrance. And you will notice more china in the family room displayed on an antique hutch, with one shelf dedicated to my Angel collection. You will find the computer in here, always turned on, with family photos surrounding it.

    In the rest of the home you will find more books, both in the master bedroom and the kids rooms. And you will see more photos, candles and collections of every kind. My daughter's room has japanese collections, the master bedroom more antiques, my son's room has military memorabilia. (mostly WWII), and you will see my hubbies old military photos in my son's room, displayed with his medals from the gulf war.

    You also will find an ecclectic mix of artwork scattered thru out our home. Some antique paintings, modern day prints brought back from Bermuda, acrylic paintings from a local starving artist sale and art done by my children. You will see that even in a modest size home, you can fill your life with things you love.

    But in additon to all this, and most importantly, you will see me and my hubby and 2 kids, our goofy selves and all. And hopefully you will see the love we have for each other and think we are intelligent, creative people who enjoy the simple things in life. Lilly

  • Odrade

    Two dogs, cats running for cover, me in my slippers most likely, and two aquariums. Dog toys, mostly stuffed animals EVERYWHERE. The masses of books are hidden in the office-room. If you saw that you'd laugh because it looks like NASA in there with all the computers, monitors, floor to ceiling bookcases, banker's boxes, and another aquarium. hehe.

  • TopHat

    I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking meals for the Pops and me and our three dogs. So you will see me in the kitchen OR watching the food channel for new ways to put together new meals. Some meals can get very boring if prepared to often.

    I do spend a fair amount of time using the Internet.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    wow this is so cool. I've been wanting to ask this question for a while now.

    I should have added that once you are in the door and have your coat and boots off you will see pictures of my children and their families. (on the wall beside where your coats will hang)

    Once you step into the living room/kitchen you have to go around the dining room table which is usually piled high with whatever project I am not working on at the moment. It is in the living room you will see two pictures of my siblings (1 with us as little kids and the other the week before I got baptized) These are the only two pictures of us all together since 1970.

    Now Grace, I must be taking after you (not sure how that happens sice we are not directly related by blood) but you will find you "Fat old lady" Lee. BIG HUG to you too

    I love that so many of you are close to nature even bringing it into your homes. As I am typing this I looked out my window intoi the park below and saw a HORSE-DRAWN SLED taking kids for a ride. Now THAT is something you just don't see normally!

    And many of you have music, lots of music.

    I have always thought music is the language that brings us together and nature brings us closer to God. I love that I look out over a huge park and then the river at the other end.


    Hammond Organ given to my by our Church. Hoping at some point and time to take lessons.

    Check the net for some online courses

    This is such a feel-good thread. You all have me smiling ear to ear

  • jgnat

    Honey, if you came to my house, the first thing you would see is pink fluffy slippers. For your comfort.

    My house screams, "Life under construction". I'm so busy planning and dreaming that no room is fully in order. A bulletin board by the front door is full of flyers, photos, and memorabilia. It is my memory board. A small shelf is rearranged by the seasons to delight my granddaughter. There's a small bowl of candies there for her as well. My artwork is on every wall. A lifetime of memories, two fortysomething adults' worth, jam every corner.

    My daughter, more of the orderly Martha-Stewart type, says I need an annual purge. But in the same breath she asks how she can make her home look more "homey"?

  • UnConfused

    ...I'd ask you to bring me a beer.

    You would see my newly remodeled kitchen, but notice that it's not quite done.

    You'd see a comfortable living room with a desktop computer and two laptops set up, two stuffed chairs and a couch. A guitar on it's stand and lots of photos.

    ...can you get me anther beer and whatever you want as well...

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    A mess

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