If I was to walk into your home . . .

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  • Sparkplug
    The pictures of my lover and me over the last 21 years of love and kindness and lovely scenery of the pacific coast.

    I love that photo. LOVE it!!

  • MinisterAmos

    The three Ducatis parked in the living room

  • J-ex-W

    Thanks, guys, for the kind words. Apostate Kate---I know what you mean about the nanny thing. I love kids, and many times I have turned away from babysitting because of the pain of reminders of my own kids--as you said--at their age. Even turned down dating a dad with physical custody of his own kids for that same reason. Just a few minutes of playing cars with his four-year-old son was more than I could take. It told me all I needed to know: NOT READY!!

    Just today, I was wondering if I will ever be ready for kids--babysitting, or even more so, step-parenting--at ANY time down the road. Your words are encouraging.

    In the same vein, I am finally taking the plunge to leave my current apartment (which I have been hanging onto because of what was good about the location for the kids). Am finally moving closer to my college, and selling the big futon bunk that is the most noticably visible thing in my living room upon walking in the door. The new place is empty still...no idea where things will go yet. Too much there...too much there to think about.

    I like this thread, though.

  • sass_my_frass

    Sadly, it's the tv that faces the entry door. We spend most of our time in the office with the computers (and in the bedroom )

  • JWdaughter

    My sink is shiny, my bed is made, the bathroom is clean and my shoes are tied. Thats all I got:)

    If I am home alone, I will be reading or on the computer in the living room. If you come home when the family is here, the tv will be on-and depending on how the power struggle goes, it will be Fox news or nickelodeon.

    My living room is small and cozy. Could be some laundry about to be put away. It will be folded if I am not folding them when you come in (with all the laundry-that is likely to happen)My furniture is green, and kind of betty boop cartoony shaped. Comfy and oversized. All my furniture is too big for my bitty little house. I have pictures of everyone all around. Some prints from solvang and my favorite Dorit Levi piece. My carpet usually needs vacuuming. No foyer, 3 kids and a dog. Ugh. But its home for a few more weeks! Then we get to look forward to moving.


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