I was a third generation Borg member, moved up the ranks fast. I loved serving the congregation. I have rendered judgment on others. I thought I was doing what Jehovah appointed me to do. I woke up after doing some research for a brother in my book study group. I found out about the secret deal the Brog made with the country of Bulgaria. This sent me on a mission to find out the truth on blood. I started fading. I sit quietly in the background not making any waves until the UN scandal broke. I told my dad about the UN, all HELL hit the fan. Dad look into the matter and he found out it was true. He told brothers and sisters about it. The Congregation told him keep, it quite. He was DF'd the first week of November 2001. I was put on reproof for telling my dad about the scandal. The same night they announced dad was DF'd they announced that I was on reproof. I have not been back since. A member of the congregation molested my four-year-old daughter and I was told to keep my mouth shut for the shame it would cause the congregation. My wife did not keep her mouth shut and was put on trial for telling a young family about our daughter. The molester was having a lot to do with this young family. This family was even leaving their daughter with this person. My wife was given a reprimand by the congregation and told the next time she would not fair as well. This hurt has never gone away for my wife. My wife quit about six months after I quit. It has been hard for us, all we knew and loved was the Borg and it members. I hate the Borg with all my heart and soul.