I'm new and nervous!

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  • JimWood

    Welcome KW

  • brojo

    Welcome. I don't post a lot, but do lurk quite a bit. Your story captured my attention. Glad to see you are gradually moving forward along with your family. Your statement about enjoying just reading the Bible resounded with me.

    Also you mention how the song My Favorite Things, helped you along. That has always been one of my favorite songs but I honestly never thought about how it fits so well in helping us get over the pain of shunning, etc. While on the subject, I want to say how much listening to music was such a great help to me during the time I was in the process of leaving. So many songs which I had never paid too much attention to, had such beautiful words that expressed so well what I was going through. I am convinced the God uses music and the many talented artists to speak to us in our times of need.

    Joe Whedbee Jr.

  • Asheron

    Welcome aboard KW!!!

  • bem

    Welcome to the board Kitten Whiskers

  • TheListener

    This is just a wonderful thread. Welcome to all new ones. I am so glad you took the step of posting. I lurked for a couple years before I had the courage to post. I wish I had begun posting sooner. The love and support I've received from this board has saved my sanity.

    Welcome and enjoy. I look forward to hearing your stories and reading your input on various scriptural topics.

  • bubble

    Hello and a big British welcome to Kitten Whiskers - such a cute name.

    I'm glad you and your family are out of the org. Hope to hear much more from you on this forum, it definitely helps to share experiences with like-minded people.

    Love Marie. XXX

  • mouthy

    Well now lookie here>>>The resurrection has just began!!!!

    Joe Whedbee Jr. Has been "UP FROM THE GRAVE"" Hello one of my favorite people!!!! How are you & your wife & kids.?????? LONG time no see

    Love ya loads...... Grace

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    WELCOME to the board.....don't be shy....

  • quixote

    Hello Kitten Wiskers !

    I too am new to this board but find it very useful and informative. In time you will be able to determine what is best for you. Hang in there !


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