I'm new and nervous!

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  • jambon1


    I tried so hard to make Jehovah happy. Was as perfect as I could be. Have always felt nothing I do is ever good enough.

    Yes, you and everyone else on this board. That is what wore us all out. It is a religion which destroys self-esteem. For gods sake, you cant even 'elevate yourself' for a day, to celebrate your life or that of someone else, on a birthday.

    So many miserable people - glad Im happy now. I feel good and its worth a million dollars!

    Good to have you here.

  • codeblue


    This is a great place for spiritual healing!

  • youcanhaveago

    I'm new I'm nervous as well . I can't quite get my head around things at the moment so I'm taking it very slowly.

  • MsMcDucket
    We are already establishing our own "family traditions" for the holidays: We each will buy 2 christmas ornaments per year for the tree. It will be sparse at first, but there will be memories for the kids to take with them when they move out. And we can start all over again

    Don't be nervous Kitten! We're glad you decided to join us. I am so happy to hear that YOU won't be raising your children in a religion that teaches shunning. Can you imagine your children shunning you or vice versa? The religion to teaches you to fear man (the organization). They gradually put Jesus in the background so you won't have a hope in his ransom sacrifice. They tell you that God won't hear your prayers, which completely goes against what Jesus' ransom sacrifice was all about!

    When you shake in your boots, you're shaking at the organization teachings. You will learn to substitute the real knowledge about the religion into your way of life, which is going to be hard, but not impossible. It will make you SO angry when you come to the realization of how the organization bent your mind, but at the same time, you'll be gaining more and more freedom of thinking and rationalization.

    I could go on and on, but I won't.


  • juni

    Hi Kitten Whiskers and welcome to our discussion group.

    I enjoyed reading how you came up w/your alias name. That is very good!

    you had said:

    I tried so hard to make Jehovah happy. Was as perfect as I could be. Have always felt nothing I do is ever good enough. Whether for my mother or the organization. You know how much we were told we were good for nothing slaves just doing what we ought to, which should always be more,

    I could've written this myself. My mother also was very over bearing and critical of me. You can go to my Profile for a little of my history.

    Hope to see more posts by you!


  • mouthy

    Welcome Kitten Whiskas & Youcanhaveago....also
    I am the old "brod" on board.... But it warms the cockles of my heart to see so many coming out from under the wolf.... Welcome to all the other newbies on board too. I cant remember all the new names ...I was kicked out in 1987 ( two years after my hubby-not a JW died) He had told me all along they would desert me?????But Just like JOB I have more kids, grandkids ,friends, than I ever had in bondage....Keep coming back for a looksee!!!!!! ((((HUGS)))

  • jimbo

    I like your name. I am also fairly new to the board. I guess I also have an official welcome looking at mouthy's nice post.

    Thank you for joining and sharing with us.


  • done4good

    Welcome, Kitten Whiskers!


  • GoingGoingGone

    Welcome kitten wiskers!

    Love the name! And I can soooo relate to your story. I'm fading, but my husband isn't... he's still active. It makes it hard, but it's still a wonderful feeling for me to be OUT of the grip of that mind control! Not needing to fear, every single day, that I wasn't good enough for God, that I wasn't doing enough, that I could be better.... sheesh!!

    Welcome to all the other newbies, too... I've been a little sporadic around here lately, but I do eventually notice ya'!! It's great to have you all here.


  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    Hi to you fellow newbies! Looks like I'm in good company with y'all! Glad to meet you!


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