I'm new and nervous!

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  • lv4fer

    WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME!!! This is really a great site. It helped me so much also. The road may me full of ups and downs ahead of you and your family but you will be blessed. I know what you mean about reading the bible and it being so much fun. I got a NIV version and just loved it. My husband and two children have been out for about five years now and are really happy now. I'm not saying there are not times when we don't grieve the loss of some of our old friends and family members from leaving but we are much happier now. I couldn't have done it withou my friend and savior Jesus Christ.

  • mama1119

    Welcome tot he board. I am glad you and your family have found freedom.


  • Life Is Grand
    Life Is Grand

    Welcome Kitten Whiskers!!!!


  • moshe

    We are both on our way out and loving the life of choice we can now give our babies!!!! It took years for us both to get to this point, but we are so thankful we have seen the light. (though it took me quite a bit longer!!!)

    Glad to hear you and your husband are leaving together. I wish my wife could have just listened to me just a little bit back in 1988 instead of taking a fast route to a divorce. Had she waited just six months ,I think she might have started to see my side. Once a spouse makes that apostasy report to the Elders , it's all over.

  • Calico Ethel
    Calico Ethel

    Hello Kitten and welcome

    I'm new here also, but I've already found so much love and encouragement as I'm sure you will also.


    love your name

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    kitten whiskers - Welcome! Welcome! A thousand times, Welcome!

    I recall the near shaking in the boots feelings well. Wifey and I have been out for three years [we mark our exit officially on 1-1-2004]. We too left together. Still - though mentally I know better, there are times I feel physically ill when the nostalgia comes back. I [we] will never return, but leaving a high control religion like the witnesses is a very difficult step to take,emotionally charged and painful.

    Please know that we are all here to support one another thru the various stages of healing.

    I too, have not given up on God, though the official Watchtower party line is that we apostates are all out howling at the moon, as we sacrifice live children to 666 smurfs, as we drink blood and fornicate the night away. Not true for us at least. I too love the Bible and always did. Now more than ever since no one is telling me that what it says is not what it means.

    Welcome and good posting!


  • daystar

    AK - jeff

    that we apostates are all out howling at the moon, [...] and fornicate the night away.

    Speak for yourself!

    But really, welcome KW! I too was raised in. I've been out 15 years.

    My path has been decidedly different from many here. But we all share this past and had to go through so many similar experiences. We have an amazing group of people here from all walks of life.

    Good luck to you and your family. Be free!

  • dido

    Hi KW, glad you are now strong enough to make the break, and you will continue to get stronger as you find out more about the jw cult, (looking at it from the outside)! I was alone for 4 years, didn`t realise there was a world of ex`s out there, and suffered on my own, feeling strong pangs of guilt, but since i`ve been on here and looked at other exjw sites, i have been freed from all those feelings. `The light get brighter!` and the best thing i ever did was study the history of the cult, i wished i studied that before i studied the bible with them,i wouldn`t have been a `slave` for 25 years! So welcome to the rest of your life!

  • Sirona

    Welcome Kitten Whiskers!

    So glad that you've decided to post.

    Life outside of the JWs is great. Of course, there are still trials and you will still feel down sometimes, but overall you are able to be yourself and there is no replacement for the feeling of inner contentment you can have from being YOU.

    You will work through the fear. It can take some time. Try reading about cults and the symptoms of exiting a cult because this will help you understand your own emotional progress as you separate yourself from the JW mindset.


  • parakeet

    ***Still get nervous about if I am doing the right thing (feeling as if I am about to shake in fear quite literally),even though my reasoning has shown me what a control tactic that is ... ***

    Your fear is in itself additional proof (if you need any) that JW teachings are false. If JW teachings were based on logic and common sense, any disagreement would be intellectual in nature and could be debated calmly and a resolution could be reached. But JW teachings are irrational, so to prevent any open discussion about them (which would result in the exposure of their fallacies), the WTS relies on emotional control to keep its followers in line. Any religious group that will not tolerate a free and open debate about its doctrines is one that has questionable doctrines it wants to protect. The WTS says "fear of God" is a protection for its followers, but in reality the fear is created to protect the WTS and its faulty teachings.

    And welcome, kitten whiskers!

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