I'm new and nervous!

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  • Little Bo Peep
    Little Bo Peep

    I read your story and it sounds much like ours. We would read Crisis of Conscience to each other, looking up scriptures, and searching for the "truth" about the "truth". For a long time, we thought maybe we'd be struk by lightning for questioning the WT, even though we knew Jehovah would expect that. My heart aches for all those in situation similar who know something is wrong and are so afraid to look any other place. I'm glad to hear you're reading the Bible. For us, this is what helped us get through all the pain of leaving treasured beliefs for the truth of the Bible. I used to read the Bible readings occasionally, but found it hard because I'd try to remember the WT application, so did it rarely. Since leaving, I enjoy reading the Bible for what it says to me, and it says things so differently once I took off my blinders. It brought tears to my eyes when you said you could give your babies this new found "truth". I only wish I had found out what I did sooner. Glad to have you with us. I think you'll find this board "comfort food". Welcome...

    Little Bo Peep

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