All white girls are.........

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  • chiddy

    Mrs mcducket , one thing your Jamaican friends will have is a common bond for the beauties of Jamaicans food, jerk chicken , plantain, ackee, saltfish, curried goat rice and peas, spicy hot fish, etc I'm dribbling.................

  • Sassy
    Sassy, tell me the difference between a Hutu and a Tutsi? I could care less that you married a black man. Good for you, I hope the two of you are as happy as you could ever hope for. I'm saying it never worked out for me because of family pressure from both sides. That's the risk any mixed race couple can face. Unfortunately any children may also face similar problems too. That doesn't mean they will, nor does that mean they must, it only means there can be complications when mixing races.

    Jayhawke, as a matter of fact I am not married to that man any more. Nor is it imporant to me if you care what you think about who I date or marry. My point only was that very few Americans (which I did not clarify) know much about their heritage, beyond what country their family immigrated from. Which I find kind of sad.

    As far as the Hutus and Tutsi's I am not sure why you care if I know the difference between them? what point does that serve? Both were occupied in Rwanda. The Hutus were the larger percentage but the Tutsis had been given more wealth and social class. In the mid 90s there was a political uprising in which there was mass genocide in which many of the Tutsis were killed by the Hutus. I didn't have to learn about them from my African husband. We were taught that right in the Awake magazine back then.. which of course they had to put the twist (which is still pretty ok) that the witness Hutus and Tutsis even sheltered one another, rather than kill each other.

    As far as the problems you faced, I'm sorry you faced it. I am not even denying that a biracial child will not have difficulties to overcome.. OR that even an Interracial couple will not face problems. My point was only that just because you have say a child who is black and white, it does not mean the child has to lose its identy with his or her family heritage.

    Gil.. I'm sorry if part of this thread has taken a side line direction..

    I really hope that your situaton works out for their happiness.. whatever it is they are hoping for in the big picture.

  • Sassy
    No I agree Jayhawk the Wts isn't free from racism, my wife had it from black sisters. I felt like slapping them.

    I attended a congregation for a short time in Indianpolis and all the white people sat at the front of the hall and the other races sat at the back. And they did not mix at all (this was the early 80s). A black sister lived next door and I got to know her and when I told this other family something about her at the hall they said "WHO??" and I described her. Their answer? Oh, she sits in the back part of the hall.

    I was flabergasted..

  • jayhawk1

    Sassy, it looks like we understand each other better now. We wasn't that far away from agreeing after all.

    Nor is it imporant to me if you care what you think about who I date or marry.

    No, I suppose it is not important. I did mean, "good for you" in a nice way, not a snotty way if you took it to mean that.

    The reason I pulled out the Hutu Tribe fighting against the Tutsi Tribe in Rwanda would be about like if in England the Scottish declared war on the Welsh. But I might as well let that one go, because it would take too long to write out what I'm thinking and it would just bore everybody including myself. You'll have to trust me I had a valid point I could have made.

    My point was only that just because you have say a child who is black and white, it does not mean the child has to lose its identy with his or her family heritage.

    Exactly, why I said may in my origional post. Not every family is full of biggots either. My family just so happens does. And if I had married any one of the three women I dated outside of my race and had children by her, that child would have been an outcast. That's one of the many reasons I decided it was wise not to marry a woman who was not the same race as myself. I've been an outcast in my family long enough over religion, I am not going to be an outcast over race too. Sometimes it is best to go along to get along.

    I hope that clears the air and we can be friends on this discussion board.

  • MsMcDucket

    Jayhawk, I get tickled pink when I see a white grandma or grandpa loving up their mixed race child! It's just like they discovered that they were in a cult! They look at people that are giving them the evil eye "like WTF are you looking at"! Too cute! My nephew (well I have more than one of mixed race) had grandparents that were strickly against having a mixed race grandchild. Now, they want my neice to move to their city and are looking forward to their grandson (my nephew) carrying on the family name. He is their only grandson, and if I must say so myself, he's a beautiful young man.

  • MidwichCuckoo
    MOSHE = When my daughter was 13 a black boy was intersted in her. He came by after school often. I finally asked him one day "James , do you believe that Black is beautiful?" He replied "Yes"- I then told him, " Then, why don't you go find yourself a Black girlfriend?" He had the strangest look on his face and he stopped calling and coming by anymore..

    Blimey, now THAT'S a LEADING QUESTION. How else would the lad answer? I bet he'd have answered 'yes' if you'd have asked him, ''Do you believe WHITE is beautiful'' - but then YOU'D have been stuck for a response.

    As a 13 year old lad, I imagine he just liked your daughter regardless of her colour.

  • jwfacts

    ....sluts ..... according to a JW Arabic female that was but is no longer married to a JW white friend of mine. Yes racism is within the WTS.

  • Mysterious

    My boyfriend is native american...I think it took me a couple months of dating him before he made some offhand remark about being native and I had to stand back and be like..oh yeah he's not white, duh.

  • MsMcDucket

    You'll be suprised at the little remarks that you make (not thinking) when you have a rainbow family. Oh god! I've said she's wearing "Puerto Rican colors" around my half Puerto Rican neice, stuff like she looks like "PWT" around my half white nephew, "trying to Jew me", "indian giver", "nigg* rig", . . .

    That stuff gets in you head and then into your mouth. You're around family and you love them as family, but you still say stupid ****! Where does that stuff come from?

  • Virgochik

    Personally, as a white woman of Scotch and Scandinavian descent, i think black men are the most handsome men... if I hadn't fallen in love with my white, German/Blackfoot Indian husband, I would be dating black guys with those beautiful long lashes...

    There were two couples at our Hall when I was a teen, who succumbed to the racist pressures and tearfully parted ways. Both were black sisters and white brothers, both ministerial servants. Family disapproval led them to marry white sisters, breaking up with the gorgeous black sisters they were in love with. What a shame! Their children would've been beautiful.

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