All white girls are.........

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  • skeptic2

    Example of racism stemming from ignorance.

    In the UK black kids are very more likely than white kids to do badly in school, and more likely to be remanded in custody.

    So you might conclude from this things such as, black kids are inherently badly behaved, other things you can probably imagine.

    Yet when you look at the statistics, you notice that black kids are more likely to be from a poor family, and more likely to be from a single parent family.

    And when you compare like for like, e.g. poor white kids with poor black kids, or white kids from single parent families with black kids from single parent families, things even out, or there is much less difference.

    And even when there is still a difference, race is still not going to be the cause of that difference There will be a third factor, then a fourth, then a fifth.

    For instance, poor white kids do worse in school than poor black kids. No-one would say thats "because they're white".

    But when people they think they see the opposite they will quite possibly say its "because they're black".

    The problem with this ignorance of the facts is that it prevents the root causes of these kinds of problems from being tackled.

    It's a unfunny irony that a racist attitude helps lock in place the very situations that contribute toward people being racist.

  • chiddy

    we dont know the circumstances about the story

  • earthtone

    Then by all means tell us, because that statement alone was shocking.

  • skeptic2
    How can you say Moshe is a bigot if you don't even know him?

    By recognizing the unwritten implication in what he wrote earlier, that he was not happy about a black kid dating his daughter, because he was black (the only characteristic of this kid that moshe seemed to think was worthy enough to note).

    And by assuming that he wrote what he did earlier because he is either

    a) proud of it

    b) thinks its funny

    c) both the above

    And thus we conclude he is a bigot.

    Bigot: a person who holds views characterized by prejudice and intolerance.

  • Ironhead

    Chiddy. those comments shocked me. He thought it was funny. I don't. Yes I came here to free myself from WTS crap but if I'm going to read comments like I've heard tonight, I might forget visiting this board. The Jws must be laughing at us now. I'm not saying any more.

  • chiddy

    how the hell am i meant to know, the black kid who liked Moshes daughter could have been the local crack dealer for all we know

  • Gill

    Ironhead - Don't judge everyone by one or two stupid comments.

    At least here, everyone is free to air their opinion. It's easier to judge character when people are honest. That's the problem with JW land, people may hold an opinion but never dare express never really know who and what you're dealing with.

    Honesty is good....even when we don't like what we hear. It serves a purpose and make it easier to judge fairly.

  • skeptic2

    Maybe moshe forgot to mention the something else that he didnt like about this kid. But if that something else was the sole reason for writing the story, it seems a huge oversight to forget to mention it. He has full opportunity to correct himself.

  • Gill

    Perhaps he's off line.

    Perhaps his computer broke.

    Perhaps they had a power cut.

    Perhaps he's gone to the meeting...(joking)

    Perhaps he can't be arsed.

    Perhaps he thought he was being never know.

    Perhaps he's never revisited this thread.

  • barry

    There is no racism in Australia we love white people here. Tell youre daughter to come here.

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