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  • mouthy

    Almagothika! Let me welcome you to our loving abode. It is an unconditional love site ... We just tolerate.."our" Gumby,,,,,,,We really feel for him You see he used to be an elder....& it turned his brain to :mush"

  • Gill


    Let's not go airing Gumby's 'dark' secrets in public!

    But let that serve as a warning to all you Elders out there! This is what too much 'theocracy' can do to you!

    Luna - I think Gumby did start out look where we are!

  • Gill

    KW13 - I just can't believe you did that to our Mary!!!!

    She is so going to kick your ass BIG TIME!!!

    Go get 'im Mary!

  • luna2

    KW is prolly sleeping now as he stays up all night giving himself facials and shaving his legs and whatnot.

  • gumby

    Almagothika......welcome to this place. I'm afraid however that your going to have to change your name though cuz it sounds demonized. I said it outloud when I saw your post, and the dishes started flying out of my cupboards and there was no one in the kitchen.

    The "sin" I was discussing was the "sin" mentioned in the bible......not a sin defined by any group.

    Please be cautious of Mary. She's the one that's a wolf in sheeps clothing with that little angel she uses to sidetrack others and tries to look pure and innocent. In reality she can outcuss, outdrink, and use verbal language on you that would make any man have some serious shrinkage. If your not a man then pay no attention to my analogy. Most of the people who post on my threads are social degenerates and they all get kicked off when they try to post on serious threads and they make asses out of themselves. And Mouthy......she was one of the Manson family who just got out of prison finally. Hope you like it here and I hope you don't get influenced by these crazy bast*#ds.


  • juni

    Welcome Almagothika to the forum.

    My good buddy Gumby is all heart in that little green, rubber body of his. Don't be afraid of him; he's a softy.

    Just join in anytime w/a serious question, concern, problem or if you want to add to the craziness. Laughter is a good medicine!


  • almagothika

    I really appreciated ALL your Warm Welcomes!!! Thanks, very much.

  • gumby

    Here's a pic of our own Juni. She's an eastern indian guru who smokes some kinda plant that makes her like don't be fooled by her either.

  • luna2

    Gads, juni, why'd ya do that to your ears?

    Not that gumby doesn't have some weird stuff going on with his anatomy too. Fortunately, there's no pictures.

  • greendawn

    Sometimes people get deceived into thinking that a wrong course of action is right when in fact it is wrong. It's all down to ignorance or at times coercion, if they realise they are wrong they will change. See how many of us ex dubs really believed that serving the WTS and shunning people was right.

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