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  • unclebruce

    Thanx Mary,

    this is a very interesting thread.

    It sounds like an information gathering exercise for the Societies data base. The biggest threat to the Watchtower is apostacy, they're paranoid about it. Internet apostacy such as JWD and Watchers of the Watchtower World is having a huge impact on membership growth and cashflow. There will be some legal or apostate hunting reason for this. Don't be surprised if, come October, JW's are asked to sign over all their property and other assetts including tin food stashed in their dodgy cupboads

    I believe the Watchtower Society will become little more than a computerised publishing business rehashing the same material to tiime indefinite, a cash cow for non JW stockbrokers and lawyers.


    meanwhile in a land far away ... ring ring...

    Me: Hello?

    Caller: Is that brother bruce?

    Me: Yes

    Caller: This is watchtower HQ, Armageddon has begun, please stay tuned for further bulletins and whatever you do Don't Panic, I repeat Don't Panic!

    Me: Oh no ... shit shit shit ..... shit!!!


    mmm there could be a whole new apostate game in this .. now where's my sister's phone number

  • sass_my_frass

    I've got it, and if I was running a cult, it would be perfect:

    All kingdom halls and property are sold; money comes to me, we close HQ because oh I dunno we wish to protect the sanctity of the inner temple, the plebs have their meetings in their homes and are only allowed to contact each other and their MS, they get right into it and don't ask any questions for years because they think this is false religion and the world persecuting them. This gives me all the time I need to buy Hawaii to retire on.

  • Mary

    I still say it's all gonna be about banning the brothers from wearing coloured shirts damn it!!

  • Sunspot

    Whatever the case, the "faithful sheep" will outwardly gush and bat their eyes while exalting the WTS for their "love and concern" over each publisher. They'll never even see the noose of MORE CONTROL being tightened with every move.

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