I was disfellowshipped in 2005, and I originally intended to get reinstated to heal the family. A few months after getting married though, I realised I couldn't do it - I can't get involved in such a farce again. Now that my parents know that I'm not going back they're working out whether it's worse for them if their non-JW family see them as the people who shun their daughter, or they lose their JW privileges if they stay in touch with me - but so far they haven't cut me off and I'm a bit proud of them for taking the bullet. My siblings shun me and it hurt until they didn't make contact on my wedding day and I realised how useless they always were as family anyway. I have a handful of JW friends who stay in touch and are at various stages of their own fade. Besides that I'm happily newlywed, newly enrolled at university, and making plans to build a weekender; Life's never been better!