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  • rebel8
    but in view of the comment made that "many aren't going to like the new announcement", it could go the other way with more strict guidelines.

    I have to agree with that! My guess is it's an initiative to add to the leadership structure, either by adding more layers, more warm bodies in leadership positions, or both.

    Think about it.....

    More and more strict rules published in the literature + layoffs at Bethel free up more guys to "reach out for privileges" + "many aren't going to like the announcement" + drop in magazine production with Asleep changing to monthly means less control, and we all know anything that lessens control doesn't last long + it's autumn in the Crooklyn hemisphere and we all know that anything big always happens when it's fall in NY!

    FinallyFree---rofl !!!!

  • proplog2

    They are going to do what the Early Christians did:

    Acts: 5:32

    "Moreover, the multitude of those who had believed had one heart and soul, and not even one would say that any of the things he possessed was his own; but they had all things in common"...

    vs 34. "In fact, there was not one in need among them; for all those who were possesors of fields or houses would sell them and bring the values of the things sold.

    vs 35. "and deposit them at the feet of the apostles. In turn distribution would be made to each one just as he would have the need"

    Actually they won't do this. They don't take the example of the early Christians THAT seriously. But you have to wonder why they don't do that. Are we asked to dedicate our lives but not our money?. Think how much could be accomplished with that kind of fund. With JW families bunching up in special dorms - everyone could be a pioneer.

  • twinflame

    My husband filled out a card before he went to book study a couple of weeks ago. He had not only his contact info, but also my name and cell number, along with two of our adult kids's numbers. He said it was emergency contact info in case there was an emergency like Katrina. I saw my name and number on there and could feel the heat rising. I didn't know how to ask him to take it off there without making it sound like I wouldn't want to be contacted if there was an emergency regarding his situation. Grrrrrr..

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan
    Is it at all significant that we haven't seen the new school guidelines? Maybes they are drastically revamping the meetings, perhaps combining them (as someone suggested)


    Or it could be worse, MORE MEETINGS! I can see it now:

    "In recent years it has been noticed by the Faithful Slave that yet another provision needs to be provided to train the flock..."

  • cruzanheart

    Hey, maybe they're going to let women TEACH in the congregations! Nahhhhhhhh . . .


  • Rabbit


    The GB member said that "many people aren't going to like it", but they hope that everybody shows obedience.

    Hmmmm...what would piss off the brudders & seesters ?

    How's about changing the Sunday meetings to Saturday mornings to be more in line with the beloved OT ?

    And Book Study will be on Saturday nights !

    With the Theocracked Miniseries School and Service meeting on Friday nights.

    Why ? Fridays & Saturdays are the most wasted days for True Witnesses in their service to God's Org. Instead of studying or preaching they are taking their families out to 'dinner & a movie' or going camping or engaging in other worldly 'recreational' pursuits.

    This worldly shit has GOT to stop, right ?

    Rabbit (so gladparadise is so close now - class)

  • under_believer

    I don't believe it. I am in the camp of people that believes that if it was that big a deal, and the elders had already been informed, we'd have known about it on this board within hours of the elders being informed. Even without that, those of us who still attend would have noticed our relatives and friends who are elders acting funny and making allusions.
    If they WERE making an announcement (which they're not), last spring I would have told you that a blood policy change would be most likely, but since then they've strongly reiterated the blood policy over the summer with much propaganda and inaccurate information.
    Here's a fun one: What if they announced that Witnesses could no longer send their kids to public or private school, but must home school? This one could make sense because the Society must know that they are losing the current generation of young people hand over fist...

  • nutter

    Please... There was no such announcement. A routine letter simply had one small sentence that reminded the elders to keep their records up to date. No more and no less. No conspiracy, no special events etc. coming up in the forseeable future (except perhaps Kylies concert).

  • orangefatcat

    By telling the witnesses they might not like it the GB knows that they will comply. Great scare tactic, get their minds all in overdrive, make em think that something of importance is going to happen and maybe threaten the very fiber of the witnesses and their congregations, you'll see almost all of them tripping over their feet to comply to dear ole Mom organziation.

    I am sure most wouldn't want to be seen as being disobedient in anything issuing for the top.

    WatchTower Propaganda, Armaggedon, Great Tribulation, oh maybe terrorists, What the heck. You should be more concerned about the peoples lives you've destroyed and alienated, familes, because of your rotten disfellowshipping policy., and what about all those poor dear molested ones, you can't hide from the law suits, people are taking you to the cleaners now. The Society is getting its just desserts.

    First of all telling witnesses to gather food stuffs and emergency supplies, takes the responsibilty off of the shoulders of the organization. They will no need of RELIEF WORK. Now let see how much will that save in dollars now that they will no longer aid others. Mega bucks for sure. Look at 9 11, they cowerard and locked the Bethel rather then letting in witnesses who needed love support or a meal , Let them fend for themselves. How many JW's live within that radius of the Bethel and world trading Center? There are alot.

    They don't need money, and if witnesses learn that the society is dire straits then they all have the right to leave that organizaiton. It wouldn't be God that is behind their work anymore.

    Here are the immortal words of C, T. Russell in 1879,: He wrote the following.

    As early as the second issue of the Watch Tower, in August 1879, Brother Russell stated: "‘Zion’s Watch Tower’ has, we believe, JEHOVAH for its backer, and while this is the case it will never beg nor petition men for support. When He who says: ‘All the gold and silver of the mountains are mine,’ fails to provide necessary funds, we will understand it to be time to suspend the publication." Consistent with that, there is no begging for money in the literature of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

    Really it is a pathetic ploy by the society to keep the witnesses under their strict rules. Phone numbers the congregations already have them on the Publishers Record Card, you have personal info about you and they have your phone numbers. they know when you were baptized, they know how many years you've been a witness, they know if you have be naughty or nice and they know all the different cong, you have been in. That is the responsiblity of the cong. Secretary. And when you see your card you can have the details corrected if there is a mistake. So why really do they want to know your details numbers of home and cellular? Smells like a rotten fish to me

    So why all the hype.??? SCARE EM, SHAKE EM UP, Its a reminder that they GB are in CONTROL and your not. You will obey for fear of disobedience which could lead to reproof or disfellowshipping. Next they ask you to show them your yearly income or the balance of your bank accout...

    the official word of Orangefatcat is run while you can.....

    so let it be written so let it be done....

  • undercover
    Doesn't that say something though, that 27.000 JWs did a runner just because they could, and no one could track them down.

    If they still haven't tracked down some of them, they're either dead or moved on and resumed their lives without any WT influence which shows that maybe more JWs than we realize are just faking it.

    The WTS gets to do two things with the letter about being prepared and in collecting phone numbers.

    One: without so much as a talk or article about the suddenness of Armageddon, they get the R&F excited about "something possible happening soon". Why else would they read that letter, would be the cry of the rumor mongerer. Attendance increases and donations increase.

    Two: The WTS learned that they were unprepared themselves for a major event that could displace thousands of JWs. So they're now collecting all the info with the intent of using it in the event of another Katrina-like episode, so as to not lose track of thousands of donating members. (A side benefit is that the congregations now have a better database of info for contacting members should one need contacting for JC meetings or the like.)

    Because that's what's all

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