For those not sick to death of talking about this...607 BCE

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    I see from your ridicule that you at last have now finally grasped the essentials of the debate. It has taken scholar some time to educate you but you have now graduated. Well done! For others who have not grasped these essentials I list them below for your benefit:

    1. We say that Jerusalem was destroyed in 607 BCE

    2. Because the Bible proves this and Neo-Babyloian chronology almost proves it but falls short by a mere 'twenty years'.

    3.Important to recognize the scholarly disputes over the secular dates of 586,587,588 and 589 for the destruction of Jerusalem and that there is a period of error ranging from one year to three years all based upon the same data from the Neo-Babylonian period.

    4. We recognize that in support of biblical chronology derived from the research over many centuries from celebrated WT scholars that bad history = bad chronology and that accurate history =accurate chronology there the following facts must be true:

    Jeremiah in his prophecy at 25:1 mentions Jehoiakim's fourth year coincides with the Nebuchadnezzer's first year and that Daniel in his first verse correctly notes that Jehoiakim's 'third year of kingship coincides with the Nebuchadnezzer's 'eight year' when he made Jehoiakim a vassal king.

    The word 'kingship' is an accurate term for the Aramaic word malkut and is thus understood by Jewish commentators and his consistent with an understanding of the biblical account of the biography of Jehoiakim. We could argue that malkut can only mean reign but this would a corruption of biblical history.

    The Jews in the course of history had many exiles both under Assyria and Babylon. In the case of the latter there were two exiles, a minor and a major both described Jeremiah, Daniel and Ezekiel. The first described by Daniel in 1:1 saw Jehoiachin and the princes removed to Babylon followed ten years later by the complete desolation and depopulation of Judah for seventy years. Nebuchadnezzer loved to conquer and removed many peoples from their lands and these other forced exiles are described in Jeremiah 52.

    Jeremiah 25:12 decribes the importance of the historical period of seventy years in fulfilling Jehovah's judgements against the enemies of his people namely Babylon when after that period ended in 537 BCE saw the decline of Babylon and its eventual destruction and desolation. These 'seventy years' applied to Judah as shown by the opening words of this oracle concerning all the people of Judah and Jerusalem alone.

    These facts concerning the fulfillment of prophecy are not to be kept secet but are part of sacrd truth which the King Jesus Christ said would be preached throughout the earth as is done this day by his Witnesses.

    Apostates who were former believers of the above truths prefer to keep quite about their 'new beliefs' because they are ashamed of their current spiritually dark condition. Sshhh!

    scholar JW

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    You're welcome Jayhawk.

    They can see them alright, they just can't or won't answer them. Typical jw reaction to anything they don't know, slink away on the pretext of looking the info up, then never come back and answer your question in full.

  • KW13

    Scholar said: Apostates who were former believers of the above truths prefer to keep quite about their 'new beliefs' because they are ashamed of their current spiritually dark condition. Sshhh! ---------- So i suppose the elders know of your condition? you just can't leave these apostate sites...i should imagine its a disfellowshipping offence.

  • fullofdoubtnow
    Apostates who were former believers of the above truths prefer to keep quite about their 'new beliefs' because they are ashamed of their current spiritually dark condition.


    That is a somewhat sweeping judgement of the people on this forum, to say the least. What do you base such an assertion on? Personally, I haven't any acquired any "new beliefs" since I left the wts. I have merely abandoned the old, false watchtower ones, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

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    That's right. The countryside of Judah did not go into exile before the city. It is after Jerusalem was destroyed that “Judah went into exile from off its soil”. They are the Bible's words — not ours

    The Jews who were actually in exile at the time simply did not count their exile from the time of Jerusalem's destruction. Ezekiel 40:1 proves this without any doubt whatsover. Ezekiel was among those who received word from Jeremiah before Jerusalem was destroyed that Babylon would have 70 years, and that the period had already begun.

    You can talk around in circles as long as you like, but the end result will still be that your position is wrong.

  • scholar

    Alan F


    You answered your own question for modern Tyre is now a modern land city probably consisting of the three parts as you describe. Ezekiel in his famous prophecy of judgement against Tyre in Ezekiel 26:4,14 refers to that Tyre as an ancient island city which even today that section remains a place of archaeology interest and a spot for a little fishing. Hardly rebuilt as you claim. Therefore, Jehovah's word came true exactly as foretold.

    Perhaps you should take a trip there but I would postpone such a trip until current hostilities cease and yo can make a comparison of all of Tyre both ancient and modern'

    Further, one scholar of Tyre's history, Nina Jidejian in her book Tyre Through the Ages (1969) states:"The port has become a haven today for fishing boats and a place for spreading nets" exactly as Ezekiel foretold -Ezekiel 26:5, 14.

    Further, Halley's Bible Handbook (2000) notes on page 422: "It never recovered its former glory and has for centuries been a 'bare rock' where fisherman 'spread fishnets' (26:4-5, 14), an amazing fulfilment of Ezekiel's prohecy that it "will never be rebuilt".

    scholar JW

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    Scholar pleased acknowledge my post. Why are you here if its against what your taught? Are you special and above God's organization?

  • Jeffro
    I agree with your sentiments because that is exactly how I felt when I read the second edition, supplement, the third edition, and the latest fourth edition of Carl Jonsson's Gentile Times Reconsidered. I thought at that time that this hypothesis was just a rehash of SDA chronology easily debunked because it fails to account for the biblical 'seventy years'. Consequently I have demolished such pathetic nonsense on this board over many years.

    You again... you have 'demolished' nothing. You are yet to provide any valid defense whatsoever. No-one at all as been convinced by anything you've had to say, and I and others have provided clear scriptural rebuttals for everything you have brought up.

  • stevenyc

    scholar, what's wrong with you? Seriously.

    Your comments are kindergarten.

    To say ". Because the Bible proves this and Neo-Babyloian chronology almost proves it ;but falls short by a mere 'twenty years'. is nuts. The Bible doesn't prove it, as has been shown to you already. And as you say, Neo-Babyloian chronology does not proves it, in fact, it disproves it.

    The so-called scholarly disputes are a fraction of the dispute with your made up date. Also, scholarly disputes are disputes among people with no vested interest unlike you whose entire existence on this planet is anchored to 1914. You just don't get it do you. Nobody gives a shit in the real world. Whether it is 607 587 or 780. In fact, it would be fascinating to real scholars to discover a date for the fall of Jeruselem well outside of current data.

    And as far as research over many centuries from celebrated WT scholars, well, this is utter bullshit. There are NO, let me repeat, NO, celebrated WT scholars. Not one. NONE. ZIP. You have an overinflated, delusional ego. The sad thing is its an ego given to you by cult.

    I really hope one day you'll get to sit back and understand what it all about. I really do.

    Take care.


  • jayhawk1

    Yet still no reply to the simple question...

    What are the names of the "Celebrated Watchtower Scholars," scholar?

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