FRESH OFF THE PRESS.... 9/1/06 WT "When a Loved One Leaves Jeh."

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  • ozziepost

    BTW "Delores" ?????????? !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rabbit

    La Capra:

    I don't do Watchtower CD-rom, but didn't that article referred to say JWs weren't supposed to pray for the DFed? That it isn't quoted but only referenced prevents the nonJW reader from realizing the WTBTS's directive in this area.

    I was wondering the very same thing. It's just like the WT to say "freely pour out your heart to Jah in prayer...", then turn around and micromanage even what you are allowed/not allowed to say in a prayer !!!!

    Can you say "thought control" ???

    Does some one have a scan of that December, 1, 2001 magazine ? This should be interesting...

    Rabbit (shaking head in disgust)

  • ozziepost

    And another thing....................

    Scriptural error on page 19:

    Of the father of the prodigal son, the Bible account reads:

    "But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him; he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him." - Luke 15:20 (NIV)

    Notice the words highlighted in red. The father was watching out for his son, looking into the distance, then he ran to meet his son and "threw his arms around him etc.

    Now compare that with the article which reads

    "My husband and I were reminded that if we remain in a strong spiritual state, we will be in the best position to welcome back our sons when they come to their senses. Where would the prodigal son have been if his father had not been in a condition to receive him back?"

    Clearly they are grossly distorting the scripture; they are waiting and making sure they 'have a tidy house' for when their sons may 'knock on their door'. This is nothing like the words of the parable.

    Not only that, but where does the parable speak anything about the father needing to be "in a condition" to welcome him back?

    Of course, not mentioned is what the parents were offering; no forgiveness but 'probation' i.e. restrictions.

    Did anyone say "Hypocrites"?

  • foundfreedom

    Just another reason for our loved ones still in the organization to try to bring us back, and for the organization to put us on a guilt trip for leaving.

  • bluesapphire

    "guilt trip?" No guilt trip here. The guilty ones are in the org, not out.

  • ozziepost
    And finally, it warms my heart that the WTBTS decided that there was enough of a need to publish this aricle, for the faithful. Too many families must be getting torn apart. I can't think of any families I knew growing up that don't have someone within two generations that has bailed....

  • Fleur

    I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you posted those scans...thank you so much. Forewarned is mother is gonna let me have it with this one right between the eyes.

    For eight years all I have heard is how much my abandoning Jehovah has destroyed my family. I would love to ask any sane person how someone you love leaving an abusive mate, finding love and happiness, and settling down into a happy, new, normal, boring in fact life is destroying a family???

    What parent would rather their child commit suicide than break the insanely stupid manmade rules of a cult?

    Mine :(

    My sister is gonna love this one too. I ruined her life, she tells people. I ruined her life.

    Seems she has done a good enough job of that on her own, her and her super Elder husband.

    I think I'm going to be sick.

    Apfergus, my mom said to me again tonight (the number of times she says this are uncountable) "They're telling us to get ready because it's going to happen at any moment!" when she says that I actually have to stop myself from laughing out loud. They've been telling her that since she was an infant. She's a grandmother now, and it's no closer. What a sad state of affairs, I tell you.


  • James Free
    James Free
    WT ARTICLE: One Christian elder recalls the four years during which his wife's daughter cut off association with them. He says: "Often, even the 'good times' were difficult. If I gave my wife a gift or took her somewhere nice for a weekend, she would break down crying, remembering that her daughter did not share our happiness."

    This is one of the most disgustingly corrupt things I have ever read in a WT article. They are usually so much more subtle that this. To completely reverse the experience of 99% of those who are disfellowshipped/disassociated and their families is propaganda at its worst. It makes me so angry!!

    WT ARTICLE: In this regard, Delores recalls how difficult it was for her to maintain a balanced view when her daughter was disciplined by the congregation. 'What helped ne," she says, "was to read over and over again articles dealing with the reasonableness of Jehovah's arrangements."

    Delores read 'articles', not the Bible. Why? Because the Bible does not support the WT actions, done in the name of God. The father, upon seeing the prodigal son, would have to continue ignoring him for up to another year or so until he were reinstated, having 'proven' his repentance if he were a modern JW.

    This article distorts reality. If the WT argument was in any way credible they would not have had to stoop to using such lying tactics to manipulate their members into continuing to treat their family members as if they were dead just for leaving the WT.

  • JeffT

    If I can get my hands on a hard copy of that I'm going to add some references and send it to the local newspaper. The average person will be sickened by the tone and the blatant lies and hypocracy. I hope they place lots of them, it will scare the crap out of anybody with the brains God gave gravel.

  • JapanBoy

    Can anyone who even know a little about the borg believe any of this anymore. I too picture my Mother coming at me with this article soon to show me the error of my ways. The most sickening part of the drivel from Brok-land is the part about Jehovah's 'arrangements'.....I doubt any God would actually saction the cutting off and purposeful shunning of any one of our family members. This sucks but that for the most 'dis-pleasurable' read. YUK!time to finish the rest of my kokanee [canuck speek for beer]

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