I was raised in the organization, baptised at age 12 (dads decision) reg. aug. pioneered for several years till age 19. I married a witness but since we married 22yrs ago, we havent done much. I tried several times to be a very good witness but it was never enough, it just wore me out to the point that I hated my husband because he never would do his best like I was doing and to top it off trying to raise two kids in the organization on my own. I finally saw the light after the last 10 miserable years of not being included in the association of other witness families that had what seemed like the perfect witness families. I was tired of assemblies with the kids and no husband to be there so we could have this happy perfect family in the truth. I do love my husband and I see the organization was just tearing us apart. We are so much happier not having anything to do with it. I am so happy that our son doesnt know much about the so called truth and I even let him attend his first birthday party the other day and I have decided that he will be raised a normal kid without the pressure of meetings, talks and service. I always hated service and esp. talks, thought I was going to puck! lol I was once told by a reg. pioneer that I wouldnt have a chance of life in the new order if I wasnt in the service meeting giving talks with other sisters! What a bunch of crock that was!! I am so happy that I found this site and am hoping that I can make true friends that understand where I am and where I am going!! Nice to meet everyone here.