FRESH OFF THE PRESS.... 9/1/06 WT "When a Loved One Leaves Jeh."

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  • jgnat

    Joe Grundy, your letter carries the perfect tone. I hope it makes the reader sweat. I expect some elders will be sent your way to appease you and to offer a home bible study. One spelling mistake, magazine. Oh, and perhaps, in a week or so after you mail it, how about publishing it as an open letter. Any ideas, board, on which newspapers would be interested in publishing it? A family magazine perhaps, or the religious section of a scandal rag?

  • TopHat

    From my view point, It is the Governing Body that has left Jehovah, in view of many factors. One very important factor I believe is the teaching that they are the only way to salvation for those living on earth. Have they given thought about that? If you want to obey Jehovah you need to put trust in his son Jesus Christ, NOT an earthly organization.

  • xjwms


    Great idea

    I hope you get an answer.

  • Frog
    Why does the unneeded loss of a child or other loved one cause such deep jealousy to cult member? Because they know that the scriptures don’t say to do that. And that the true paradise on earth is loving your family and not to those who remain loyal to the org.

    never were truer words spoken WA! :))...

    this article is of course just another classic example of a typical tripe WT spin! how bizarre it is that a few scaley old men can be so consistantly determined to dictate such painful instruction to people who are entrust themselves to their care?? How parents and "loving" family members can actually swallow this shite time after time is beyond me?? It never jelled with me whilst growing up, and only gets more and more bizarro the further I put myself from it. x

  • Pistoff

    "Maria, whose brother turned his back on Jehovah to pursue a course of immoral conduct, say,"

    See, her brothers only problem was lack of knowledge.

    Consider this: an KM article in 72 or 74, help me blondie, stated that if a serious sin from "a number of years ago" by a brother who was a servant became known to the elders, it was NOT necessary to remove the brother. The reasoning: since he had stopped the sin, he had reproved himself and did not lose Jehovah's blessing.

    So, it is NOT what immorality you commit; but if you are not smart enough to hide it and if you dare LEAVE us, we will disfellowship your ass pronto.

    So, poor Maria's brother; if only he had just pursued the immoral hotties on the down low, he would have been JUST FINE.


  • blondie

    For pistoff:


    km 10/72 p. 8 Question Box ***




    What is meant by "some years ago" on page 170, paragraph two, in the "Organization" book?

    This indicates more than a year or two. It may be noted that it did not say "many years ago." So it is not an exact number of years, but more like two or three years. It was not intended to have a brother go back into the distant past to bring up wrongs of which he repented years ago and that have evidently been forgiven by Jehovah and are not being practiced now. In many cases the wrongs occurred prior to the time when the "Watchtower" drew attention to what the Scriptures say on such misconduct.

    If a brother has been serving faithfully for some years and has seen evidence of Jehovah’s blessings upon him, why should he now step down from office? If he has the right viewpoint now on conduct and will give good counsel he should be able to continue to serve. If the local body of elders see that he has the respect of the congregation and has shown the proper qualifications over the last two or three years, he may remain in his position of service.

    Must wrongdoing be brought to public attention after many years? The book (page 168) under "Public Reproof" quotes 1 Timothy 5:20 and mentions reproof of those who confess to committing more than one offense. But it really has to do with recent events. The "Interlinear" refers to those "sinning," something going on at the time. So if repentance occurred some years ago, three years ago or more, and sinning ceased, and he is respected by the congregation, it is not necessary now to publicly reprove one who committed more than one offense "some years ago."

  • ozziepost

    Joe Grundy:

    My compliments on a well-written letter. I hope you send it.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Joe Grundy
    Joe Grundy

    Letter was mailed yesterday.

    I will post any response.

  • LyinEyes

    Lately I have been once again thinking of the WTBS hand in the deaths by suicide of my Mother and Sister. Twenty years ago , my Mother was distraught over " letting Jehovah down", feeling like there was no hope of forgiveness for her "sins". Those "sins" she felt so guilty about were her prescription drug abuse problem and so shamed for being disfellowshipped that I am sure that is part of why she ended her life. The elders didnt even try to go and talk with her, she got a cold letter in the mail informing her.

    I don't blame them entirely of course because each person makes their choices, but I have to acknowledge the burdens being a JW puts on the mind and soul.

    Fast forward to 7 months ago when my sister killed herself,,,,,,,three weeks earlier she tried to call my Dad to wish him and his wife a happy anniversary. He never called her back and that hurt her even thou she figured he might not call. She had lunch with him about a year ago, so she thought he might call her back. She too was disfellowshipped .

    Now my Dad will feel the pain of ignoring her, wondering if he would have called , maybe he could have helped her.

    The JW's are a cult a sick cult that has blood on their hands if you ask me. People who do not realise the mind control of that organization, or the impact of what growing up JW does to a person's mind, needs to look deep into why most JW's are severely depressed people. Being a JW , especially growing up as one cheats a person out of normal personality development.

    Shame on JW's for the consequences of their ignorant rules of shunning. Shame , shame.

  • sass_my_frass

    Oh great, every idiot JW relative of mine is going to think that God read their minds and hearts and wrote that article just for them.

    I nearly puked while reading it, but just couldn't stop, it's madness was so compelling.

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