Goodbye and Swansongs

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  • diamondblue1974
    So, what are we here for? Is it merely for entertainment? Is it to help out? Is it to find a voice and evolve? Is it to meet up with other "survivors"? Is it to sharpen our teeth on doctrine, policy, argumentation, history, or life in general? Is it to grow and help grow? Is it to make a few friends, and hopefully not too many enemies?

    All of the above...

    In my year and a bit that I have been here, I have made some considerable, and what I hope to be, life long friends, friends who count for something and who know full well that if they need me or visa versa I will be on the end of a phone line and out like a shot if needs be. I have broken mentally free from an oppressive regime which existed in my head some 10 years after my physical exit and I cannot thank enough the people who have sped that process on. Now being free I think its time I gave something back and tried to help where I can and wouldnt dream of permanently leaving JWD. Sometimes perhaps a timeout is needed, late last year I didnt post as often and I came back with what I consider to be renewed strength.

    Where goodbyes are necessary I dont see the need for longwinded explanations when just a quick note to say that some 'timeout' is needed would suffice; of course it is sad when a poster leaves the board particularly if they have previously contributed substantially but I agree there is no reason for long drawn out goodbyes with an essay of explanation...its just life and we move on. For those who want to stay in touch after JWD then surely there is the option of swapping email addresses or phone numbers dependent on how close you are to them.

    In my view there is no reason for finality, no reason to grieve, no reason to mourn a posters absence when they are very much still alive and kicking.


  • Dansk

    I came here to heal!

    I am healed!

    I thank everyone on JWD for that!!


  • Crumpet

    Does anyone remember Little Toe posting a thread that he wasleaving the board for a while?

  • diamondblue1974

    LT you shouldve ended your post with.

    'And this is why I must say goodbye my friends, I wont be back but I will miss you all'

  • LittleToe


    Sometimes perhaps a timeout is needed, late last year I didnt post as often and I came back with what I consider to be renewed strength.

    Thusfar that's the way things have worked with me, too. It's not to say that it works for everyone, but it seems to help. Maybe I'm just allergic to goodbyes...

  • LittleToe


    'And this is why I must say goodbye my friends, I wont be back but I will miss you all'

    That sounds vaguely familiar, but I've not repeated those words in about four and a half years

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    For a minute when I saw the topic, I thought you were leaving too!

    Then when I read your post I was thinking exactly what crumpet was - is the heat getting to ya?!

    But on the whole, I think I agree with what you say and I'm glad that someone as well-respected as yourself has said it. Looking in from the outside as a non-JW/non ex-JW, the 'board wars' have been particularly upsetting to me - it's almost like some are biting the hand that fed them - I can only imagine how much glee active witnesses must feel when they lurk and see how 'apostates' behave - if I was a doubting active JW, it might be enough to make me believe staying in was the lesser of two evils.

    S'pose that's life in general really, some just want to take, others want to share both directions.

    Well that's the end of my heat-induced rant!!

  • blondie

    My 2 cents (or P) worth:

    I'm always disturbed by the "farewell" threads. They seem to imply that the rest of us are not moving on but stuck in our misery.

    I have seen several farewell singers who have come back, one has come back twice......

    I would just send pms to your friends with your email and to contact you.

    Everyone can take a break; Blondie has a weekly assignment but she takes a day off, even a week or 2 when on vacation.

    I think of JWD and other ex-jw boards as being not just for me but to help others. If all the long-time posters left, who would help the newbies?


  • Crumpet

    LOL Sad Emo - so Yorkshire is no better?

    Maybe I should start a new thread but this one seems to be wilting in the HEAT now everyone has realised Little Toe is not leaving for love nor money!

    Has anyone found that the heat is making the most unlikely people get all flirty today? I think today might be the day I get invited to the elusive "sex play" by a co-worker!

  • trevor

    Some good comments Little Toe

    I am always puzzled by people making announcements that they will leave but pop in now and then. We all do that as a matter of course as our lives and interests are in constant flux.

    I took a moment to ponder on why I post here and my conclusion was:

    I would like to think that I want to help people.

    Being here has also helped me to come to terms with the Jehovah’s Witness exodus thing and go beyond anger.

    I am also honest enough to admit that there is a degree of ego massaging involved. I had concluded that I had rid myself of ego and then realised that I was deluding myself again.

    Do illusions ever end?

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