Goodbye and Swansongs

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  • montana96

    I came here because I felt it was the only place to be were I could relate to other people and vice versa. Life is very busy and things get in the way,but I have always quickly looked at the latest discussions and see whats happening. It is refreshing and sometimes it gets me down when I see how much people have truly been hurt.

    Thats why its nice to come and go as often as you can, to touch base,say hello,and mayby help someone just as many here have helped me tremendously without even realising it!

    Cheers Mercedes x

  • vitty

    Goodbyes make me feel somehow "inferior", that I still need a website like this in my life. That im sad weak, havent got "a life"

    Well that may be true but

    If someone feels they have grown enough not to spent a few minutes catching up with friends they have made on this board, it makes me sad................especially since..............they come back here after a couple of days and start posting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They are obviously still here....................and just cant resist it

    I understand if posters want to let others know that they are going to be busy, that they are board here and need a break..............

    But if you say Goodbye......................because youve gotten over it ..........................thats just mean.

  • sass_my_frass

    Yeah I'm with you. I was a JW for the first 31 of my 32 years, so I don't think the time is coming soon when I'll feel like it's all behind me. Even if it was, I like being here because the times that I don't need a hand myself, I can give a bit of a hand to somebody else.

    I do like it though when people who are going to 'slow down' give us a bit of warning; it's a chance to thank them for being here and wish them well. I can understand that some people need to put it behind them completely in order to feel like they're moving on. I'm not one of them, I'm too fond of everybody here. Staying here is easy because of all the folk I love.

    And on that topic, I love everything you say LittleToe!

  • Pleasuredome

    we should have a rule thats says that if anyone posts a thread saying goodbye (even if there just going on bloody holiday, the worst joke ever imo) they should have their account deleted.

  • LittleToe

    Phewee.. what a hornets nest - LOL.

    Vitty:I concur:

    Sorry honey, it was a general thread, not aimed at anyone in particular. I've made similar comments before.

    I'm dying to see the new sprog!

    Long time no see. How's it hanging? Ever get into TaiChi?

    I'm going to break one of my own rules by doing something foolish. I'm going to give a straight reply to a stupid question:

    Your original post to this thread continued in a similar vein to previous ones (just to prove that I can look at a posters' history, too). You evidently don't know me if you're only going by a few of my fluff-thread titles, but that's your call, take it or leave it.

    You actually only asked one question:

    why would anyone read a post they have no interest in, ie goodbyes and swansongs, and then start a thread critisizing people who are interested in them

    And my answer would be that I don't know. I didn't criticise anyone, but especially not "people who are interested in" reading goodbye threads. Further, this thread was merely for discussion about why people write them, which you appear to have missed alongside the rest of your reading comprehension issues. Are you the predatory "I like goodbye threads"-type, hence did it somehow hit a raw-nerve?

    I'm going to leave it there, because I'm tempted to take apart every single line of your posts Abaddon-style, and I find it embarrassing to shoot fish in a barrel...

  • love2Bworldly

    Haven't read all the posts, but wanted to put my 2 cents in. I also have often wondered why people say goodbye on here, only to come back later. I am often gone from here for weeks or months at a time, and think that no one really notices or could care less whether I post or not.

  • scotsman

    Ooh Ross, I do like it when you talk tough! (btw call me sooner next time)

  • jgnat

    Yes, I'm a trekkie, and proud of it. And I have a life.

    Yes, I'm a fan of JWD, and proud of it. And I have a life too.

  • LittleToe

    Just as soon as I get my phone fixed


  • rocketman
    It's just a webboard.


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