Called JR Brown regarding Cano Pedophile situation

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  • Sunnygal41

    just wondering if I should send this interesting information to that self righteous asshole that used to be my exhusband............nah, just a waste of my time.........he's so blinded it isn't funny.........

  • DannyHaszard

    Watchtower summer 2006 worldwide news!

    I can remember the big international conventions from the 1960's where the Watchtower would have an entire section (usually it's own tent) devoted to public relations

    Greater Tulsa Reporter Newspapers
    Jehovah's Witness conference to begin today
    Akron Beacon Journal, OH - Jun 29, 2006
    By Colette M. Jenkins. The 2006 district convention of Jehovah's Witnesses begins at 9:30 am today at the Cleveland State University Convention Center. ...
    Jehovah's Witnesses invite public to convention
    Finding their purpose
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    Mid-Hudson NewsJehovah's Witness minister accused of videotaping boys in rest ...
    Kentucky Lake Times, KY - Jun 27, 2006
    ... old. A Jehovah's Witness minister, say police in Middletown, New York. Cano is now in a New York jail and charged as a pedophile. ...
    Boy In Minister Sex Scandal Speaks To CBS 2 WCBS-TV New York
    Man Allegedly Taped Boys Using O'Hare Rest Rooms WBBM780
    Police Uncover Evidence At Accused Minister's Home CBS2 Chicago
    Times Herald-Record - all 14 related »
  • sammielee24

    Where is it? I can't find it anywhere on here..or am I too impatient! Fantastic work LDH and a great big thanks to your mysterious friend! I'll just pour another coffee and wait.................sammieswife..of the feeling good to be around such fine people class...

  • LDH

    <a href="" target="_new">Access 'My Documents ' on my Xdrive</a>

    or is it

    <a href="" target="_new">Access 'My Documents ' on my Xdrive</a>

    I love technology except for when it doesn't WORK!!!

  • LDH

    OK from what I now know, you will need to 'create' a free account to listen.

    The file has been compressed but I'm so $(%*ing tired I don't know which one I put in the public folder anymore.

    It will spool on quicktime and play immediately though. Can someone tell me if it's working?

    Better do that before I email to all those for whim I have addresses. Let's mirror this and start having fun!


  • blindersoff
    just wondering if I should send this interesting information to that self righteous asshole that used to be my exhusband............

    I guess he is now your current husband

  • mavie


    I just download both files and they play fine in Windows Media Player. The first file is about 33 minutes. The second about 2 minutes.

    Thank you.

  • LDH

    ps listen carefully you will see I used my real name and location. Also the recording itself was not made in and the third party was never located in California.

    Danny Haszard with this many views on the private forum can you image how many views Simon will get when it goes on the public forum?

  • BizzyBee
    1. Newbies think they are a hotline directly to Jehovah's lips. They think of Brooklyn headquarters as the CNN of Truth and New Light. All writings and publications are viewed as a News Bulletin from heaven.
    2.Bros. and sisters who have been around for awhile more moderately hold the opinion that only the Watchtower Society has the actual pure view of what Jehovah's will and purpose is, but, are willing to concede that the Organization sometimes makes inadvertant errors which God eventually sorts out. Error=no big deal.
    3.The old-timers are a different species. Those who have been around for decades KNOW there is something rotten at the core but have no place else to go. Why? Because they have been taught to hate other religions and points of view. These hardcore rank and file members have learned to split their personality into two faces; one public and one private. These are bedrock community of person's hanging on by their fingernails and getting angrier and angrier each time Pedophilia or U.N. scandal stories are released. However, they have a knee-jerk defense mechanism.
    Veteran JW's don't want to admit they have wasted their entire lives on a bogus religion. Consequently, they become hardcore defenders NO MATTER WHAT. They are protecting their investment.


    Excellent analysis and I agree 100%. As a 3rd gen, I have family members who I suspect of falling into category #3 and are Veteran JWs - how can you build a new life at 70-80-85 years old when a lifetime of family, friendships, beliefs are discarded? Easier to hope for the best and hang on tenaciously. My grandfather, a lifelong, loyal JW died in 1969, but shortly before had confided, "If something doesn't happen in 1975.......then I just don't know." His son, my uncle, now 84 and the last of 4 sons is still hanging on like a bulldog.

  • Jourles

    An easier download location....

    JR Brown Interview: Part 1(2.1MB) Part 2(176KB)

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