Called JR Brown regarding Cano Pedophile situation

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  • sf

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  • james_woods

    Just for a few of us who don't have time to backtrack through 18 pages of this story - did the J. Cano guy end up doing any jail time?

    And, for the record (or as much as we know of it) - how was he ever caught and convicted by a JC with the 2-witness rule?

  • daniel-p

    James, i believe Cano is currently in jail. I think he pleaded guilty and is serving his time. He was DFd, not under the "two witness" rule, but because this was a publicized scandal. In other words, they HAD to DF him, becuase he was giving Jehovah a bad name. Of course this has always been their policy in these matters, being more concerned with their image than with his victims.

  • james_woods

    Thanks, Daniel - were the children involved then JW kids, or just random kids he chatted up on the internet?

    In my vague memory, it seems like he was busted in some sort of sting operation trying to meet up with a victim, but the memory is not totally clear.

  • daniel-p

    He was busted trying to set up a liason with a minor. I don't remember the details of how he got busted, but it wasn't a sting. He had beer and vaseline in his car. It was pathetic. And to think I served at Wallkill while this pervert was there.

  • Scott77

    Book marked for reading.

  • AudeSapere

    Just paroled.

    See this link (which includes link of Chicago TV Broadcasts):


  • jeremiah18:5-10

    This my first time coming across this experience. It is the most impactful information that I have come across, short of Ray Franz books. These statements of JR Brown get to thecrux of my issues with WT, their iinsistence on being the only true religion, enacting life-altering family-ruining decisions, and alluding to the GB being inspired and Gods spokesman. Without these claims, insistence, and decisions, JWs would be free. I'm so grateful to have this info which thoroughly disgusts me. Sadly, its useless in influencing family members or friends unless they want to be influenced or honestly want truth. What a great experience and find.

  • Confusedandangry

    Wow I cant believe what I'm reading. I really wish I knew all of this 12 years ago...That's why I love this website. So much valuable information on here. One just needs to let go of their fear of reading 'apostate material'.

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    I really appreciate these older bumps. Its a service to lurkers.

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