Called JR Brown regarding Cano Pedophile situation

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  • Rabbit

    Isn't the 'killer' question that elders ask faders & slackers, "Do you still believe the FDS is the only true conduit from Jehovah ?"

    Or words to that effect ? Hasn't that been used to DA countless AWOL JW's ?

    Good work, Lisa.


  • LDH
    Just wanted to add my kudos for your balls of steel LDH

    Why thank you ma'am. And Soledad, that was too sweet!!!!!

    There's a reason this is in the "private" forum.

    If you believe in prayer, start praying that my next move will shake the WTBS to their core. We will need access to duplication equipment pronto to be distributed ASAP.

    Fast breaking news, but it won't be broken till later today or possibly this evening at which time I will ask for this thread to be moved to the public forum


    Crazy like a fox Class

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    GO LISA!! *hoorays*

  • truth.ceeker

    Down here in Texas, there seems to be a lot of news coverage about people getting busted for child porn. People in city government, Police, etc. So far though, there has not been any news about religious child porn or molesters. Not sure if the topic of religion's clergy and child molestation has been overused and abused during the past several years with the catholic church so it is no longer considered that big of a story. I'll still go ahead and forward to the TV stations in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Houston a copy of the link and the comments from LDH's interview. Maybe they might just take it and make a story out of it.


  • Jourles

    Lisa, I didn't see an answer about whether or not the call was recorded. You had mentioned that a reporter was conf'd in as well. Did they at least record it?

  • z

    Kudos for Lisa


  • z

    and this for WTBS ATT004242.gif

  • LDH

    Cano has been disfellowshipped per JR Brown. The organization is not defending him legally. He is an outcast.

    I had another (thirty minute )conversation with him today.

    which confirmed:

    1. NO ONE in the ENTIRE organization is inspired, including the leadership

    2. There is no physical protection by GOD on this organization.

    3. There may be other molesters within headquarters

    4. It was the WORLDLY authories who broke this case.

    5. Jehovah knew about this for all this time, and did NOTHING!!!!! because he has no special protection on this church.

    6. Although he tried to waffle on this one, the JW church is no different from any other church out there.

    Moderators you may now move this to the public forum if you wish, immediately.


  • LDH

    Oh I almost forgot.

    If you are disfellowshipped and move to another congregation UNLESS you are truthful and tell the Elders at the new congregation of your past, Jehovah doesn't reveal it to them. So a pedophile could move from congregation to congregation and invent a past, and the new congregation would be none the wiser.

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