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  • MadTiger

    Along with Tommy Emmanuel, get this guy: Michael Hedges (complete musical genius) Did anyone mention Tuck Andress of Tuck and Patti? (musical genius married couple)

  • purplesofa

    I got Tuck Andress and Laurence Juber...........for the ones that recommended them.......

    Thanks they are great!


  • omiecoop

    My advice is to google a guy named Glenn Phillips. He is the greatest guitarist to never make it that I have ever seen. Rolling Stone reviews his albums and has called him the greatest guitarist since Jimi Hendrix, but don't take my word for him and hopefully find an audio link and then you can hear for yourself. He is AWESOME!

  • DanTheMan

    Stick this in yer pipe and smoke it...

    Old School Van Halen

    This used to get a lot of play on MTV back in the day. Eddie at peak form, yah!

  • Twitch

    Anything by Mojo Nixon,

    "Elvis is Everywhere", "Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant with My Two-Headed Love Child" and the unforgettable "Tie my Pecker to my Leg"

    Good for a laff,.....

  • plmkrzy

    Has anyone posted Robbie Robertson yet? He should be on the list most definitely.

    Robbie Robertson

    [Robbie Robertson, 2001]

    Jaime Robert Robertson, born July 5, 1943. Instrument: Guitar.

    altRedX? or pic?

  • lowden
    Along with Tommy Emmanuel


    Bloody Hell someone has AT LAST mentioned the greatest guitar player on the planet.

    The Aussie genius tours non-stop, so catch him near you in the next year or so. You will never look at the guitar in the same way again.

    There's lots of good guitarists in this list but too much attention to the bloody heavy rock shredders that say NOTHING through the instrument.

    Believe me, i've been playing for 27 yrs.

    Oh and a tip of the hat to Hilary Step for mentioning Richard Thompson, a genius beyond compare and my greatest influence. Check out 'Hard On Me' from his 1999 album MOCK TUDOR. Turn up the volume and stand well back!!



  • done4good

    I haven't had time to read thru all 5 pages of this thread by my vote would be for Alvan Lee's Woodstock performance of Goin' Home.


  • purplesofa

    Yesterday on the Radio......a partial list of the top guitar performances was told.......

    Number one on this list (forget the name of the guitar magizine)

    Jimi Hendrix ....Machine Gun

    found this comment online:

    MACHINE GUN 13:36

    The virtuoso performance for the eons & the GREATEST POLITICAL STATEMENT EVER DROPPED on record (in my humble opinion)

    "Evil man made me kill you.....evil man made you kill me......evil man making a KILLING..."

    He makes the guitar TALK and he forces you to LISTEN!!! the magic of Jimi hendrix transports our minds from whatever comfortable setting we are listening to this CD in, to the rice patties of Vietnam and we hear it all, guns, helicopters, bombs and we hear..... Machine Gun ....tearing my body all AAAAAPPPPPPAAAAAARRRRRTTTT....."


    THE ALBUM OF THE YEAR (so far)

    (people ............JUST DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    This is really a momentous album, I was almost prepared NOT to like it, I thought it was gonna be something of a rip off, since I have already heard most of all 4 of the Band of Gypsy's concerts.

    The sound is all cleaned up though, according to the liner notes it says that even back then some of the audio was unusable.

    I guess modern technology fixed that, eh???/.....LOL

    Shame they only played those 4 shows, eh?

    One more thing.....I don't think it"s a coincidence that this was released during BLACK HISTORY MONTH!!!!

    ^5 Experience Hendrix (GREAT RELEASE)

    purps Maybe someone has a site with the video of this?

  • purplesofa

    this is not what i was looking for ......but this is awesome......Hendrix


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