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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Ok Don't laugh. Have you checked out some classical guitarists?

    Jose Feliciano Six-time Grammy Award winning artist, acclaimed by critics throughout the world as "the greatest living guitarist". Jose's guitar work is legendary. For over 30 years he has been "instrumental" in dignifying the acoustic guitar by bringing it to a level of acceptance rivaled by few in the industry. Soul, pop, rock, jazz, classical - in English Spanish and Italian, Jose has delighted people worldwide with his inimitable style. Honored by Guitar player Magazine, he is in their "Gallery of the Greats"; his hands are 'enbronzed' in Madame Tussaud's in London and Billboard Magazine has bestowed a Lifetime Achievement Award on the man whose life has been the guitar. Jose has recorded over 60 albums in his impressive career. Still humble with all the successes he has had, Jose feels that his career is just beginning and that he has just started to share his talents with the world. more...
    Jose Feliciano Official Site

    Andrés Segovia (1893-1987) is considered to be the father of the modern classical gutiar movement by most modern scholars. Many feel, that without his efforts, the classical guitar would still be considered a lowly bar instrument, played only by peasants.

    Segovia's quest to elevate the guitar to a prominant position in the music world, began at the early age of four. His uncle used to sing songs to him and pretend to strum an imaginary guitar in his lap. Luckily for us, there was a luthier nearby and Segovia took an instant liking to the guitar. Although discouraged by his family (according to them he should play a "real" instrument), he continued to pursure his studies of the guitar. He set a goal for the guitar and himself early in life. It was, to bring Guitar studies to every university in the world, have the guitar played throughout the world, on every major stage, just as the piano and violin were, and lastly, to pass on his love of the guitar to generations to follow. He considerd himself to be the messenger that would complete this impossible quest. He succeeded in all respects.

    In 1928 Segovia made his American debut in New York City. Before long, composers like Heitor Villa-Lobos even began to compose original pieces specifically for the guitar. Segovia himself began transposing the classical canon for the guitar as well, most notably his notoriously difficult translation of Bach's Chaconne, as well as many transcriptions of lute and harpsichord music. In addition to recording and performing, Segovia spent the remainder of his life and career successfully influencing the authorities at conservatories, academies, and universities to include the guitar in their instruction programs with the same emphasis given the violin, cello and piano; his early struggles were recounted in his 1983 memoir Andres Segovia: An Autobiography of the Years 1893-1920. He died in 1987

    Really don't laugh

    Canadia's Leona Boyd

    Ok so you are laughing


    Not sure this will work but click and take a listen (requires Windows Media Player)

    Flight of the Bumblebee - By Rimsky-Korsakov

  • purplesofa

    Al Di Meola (sp)

    Plays a great guitar solo on Paul Simon's "Hearts and Bones" album (first track, "Allergies" I think)

    This is a beautiful song.....Thanks Simon

    Hearts and Bones

    One and one-half wandering Jews
    Free to wander wherever they choose
    Are travelling together
    In the Sangre de Cristo
    The Blood of Christ Mountains
    Of New Mexico
    On the last leg of the journey
    They started a long time ago
    The arc of a love affair
    Rainbows in the high desert air
    Mountain passes slipping into stones
    Hearts and bones
    Hearts and bones
    Hearts and bones
    Thinking back to the season before
    Looking back through the cracks in the door
    Two people were married
    The act was outrageous
    The bride was contagious
    She burned like a bride
    These events may have had some effect
    On the man with the girl by his side
    The arc of a love affair
    His hands rolling down her hair
    Love like lightning shaking till it moans
    Hearts and bones
    Hearts and bones
    Hearts and bones
    And whoa whoa whoa
    She said:
    Why don't we drive through the night
    We'll wake up down in Mexico
    Oh I
    I don't know nothin' about nothin' about
    No Mexico
    And tell me why
    Why won't you love me
    For who I am
    Where I am
    He said:
    'Cause that's not the way the world is baby
    This is how I love you, baby
    This is how I love you, baby
    One and one-half wandering Jews
    Return to their natural courses
    To resume old acquaintances
    Step out occasionally
    And speculate who had been damaged the most
    Easy time will determine if these consolations
    Will be their reward
    The arc of a love affair
    Waiting to be restored
    You take two bodies and you twirl them into one
    Their hearts and their bones
    And they won't come undone
    Hearts and bones
    Hearts and bones
    Hearts and bones
    Hearts and bones

  • hillary_step


    These are the two CD's that are a 'must' to sample Terry Smith's guitar skills. The one you linked to is excellent Jazz guitar by Smith, but these two are imho the most underrated jazz/rock albums the past 30 years. Some of the solos on these albums defy the imagination.


  • purplesofa


    Ever hear his song Deja Voo doo? His playing on Deja Voo Doo hits you an atomic bomb. He was a teen prodigy.

    found VooDoo Chile.........hope its the same thing.


  • purplesofa


    I'm not a huge AC/DC fan but his opening solo on Thunderstuck is probably the most amazing playing I've ever seen and heard. How the heck does that guy play and bounce around the stage like that??????

    I agree............thanks for it!!!! I downloaded a live version and its pretty powerful. The crowd is nuts as well.


    thanks for the link.................will check it out as soon as I can!!!

    purps ok.......seeing it is the IF band........checking it out now

  • aquagirl

    Check out Django Rheinhart,He was a gypsyguitarist,from the 40's who had a heinous burn and lost a finger or two.Amazing guitar work...

  • purplesofa

    Maybe you all can help me one this:

    Carlos Santana and Los Lonely Boys played on an award show recently...........I cant remember which one it was ........I think I saw it about two months ago......

    Did anyone see it and know what show it was on? It was really awesome.

    thanks in advance


  • lost_sheep

    Doh! Double post. :-X

  • lost_sheep

    This thread rocks.

    IMHO, you'll find the most technical skill in extreme metal, jazz, & classical, but of course there are a lot of incredible guitarists out there in every genre. I am a HUGE Hendrix fan... he was so ahead of his time.

    Anyway, here are some from left field... i don't think any of these guitarists have been mentioned yet. Hope you like!

    Leo Kottke - one of the best acoustic guitarists i have ever heard. this man can play!
    Wes Montgomery - jazz guitar legend.
    Fredrik Thordendal (Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects, Meshuggah) - amazing metal guitarist that incorporates a lot of jazz influence.
    John Petrucci (Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment) - he does everything: shred, jazz, flamenco, metal, ballads. a mind-blowing talent.
    check out Petrucci's solo a couple of minutes into "The Rena Song" on this album. Breathtakingly beautiful stuff.
    Tony MacAlpine - the king of shred. a classicaly trained pianist turned shredder. amazing technical skill & speed!
    Santiago Dobles (Aghora) - another great shredder with a lot of classical & latin influence. His band is also amazing.
    Vinnie Moore - the greatest neoclassical guitarist i know of. imagine baroque classical music played at 5x the tempo. pachelbel on speed. awesome guitarist!
    Luke Jaeger (Sleep Terror) - amazing death metal guitarist that can switch from brutal riffs to soft jazz at the drop of a hat. he actually takes performance-enhancing drugs before live shows to increase his speed. fun stuff!

    That's all i can think of off the top of my head. Hope you enjoy! There's been a lot of great names being dropped in this thread, i'll be checking a lot of new music out now. Thanks everyone!

    lost_sheep (of the really really wishes he could play guitar class)

  • Nosferatu

    Try Marc Bolan's early stuff when his band was called Tyrannosaurus Rex.... especially "Elemental Child"

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