great guitarist....guitar solos...and performances

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  • restrangled

    Cream Live at the Filmore. Recorded last year or the year before. UNBELIEVALBE....My husband and I listen and watch it at least once a week.

    It takes you back in time.....only better.


  • purplesofa

    just wanted to add these to the list from lowden and hellrider. This erik mongrain is awesome. He has a cd coming out (I hope soon) Can't wait to get it.




    this is Antoine Dufour - Glimmer of Hope -

  • hillary_step


    I am not terribly keen on the 'funk' style of guitar playing, which imho should stay in the supermarkets next to the frozen pork, but Larry Carlton should not be overlooked. Some of his stuff recorded with the LA Express is worth a listen. Here he is playing with Lee Ritenour.

    Larry Carlton

    One of my very favorite Jazz guitarists was Grant Green, woefully underexposed and a complete master of his genre. Every jazz guitarist has a little of Green in their playing and most wish they came half-way to mastering his technique. Here he is playing 'Two For One'. Recorded in 1962 this is taken from the two disc set 'The Complete Quartets' and even after thousands of plays, some of these pieces still make the hair on my neck rise. This is a long download.

    Grant Green

    Cheers - HS

  • purplesofa

    Thanks HS,

    for broadening my horizons


    beautiful music.

  • purplesofa
  • purplesofa
    B.B. King
    Eric Johnson
    Robert Johnson (not that he was a speed demon but he was the guy who pratically invented the blues)
    Johny Greenwood (radiohead)
    Paco Delucia (flamenco)
    Al Dimeola (flamenco)

    Wow, like this guy too!!!!.

  • LadyConstantine

    Some of my old favorites.... The guitar god - Jimmy Page (bad video, but awesome guitar) The bass god - Matt Freeman (of Rancid) and the new blood...

  • Twitch

    another nice guitar video

    Andy Mckee - Drifting -

    Awesome! Was just introduced to the percussive stylings of Mr McKee tonight by a bandmate and was about to humbly submit the link for perusal. I realize now how little I know of my instrument,

    And while I'm here, kudos on the Jimi link to "Machine Gun". That one is an all time favorite from back in the day and he will always have a special place in the collective of my music and memory. I was hooked on Jimi since I first heard "Foxy Lady" at 15 whereupon I submitted the patrons of my high school cafeteria to his music as "DJ" (one of the easiest credits I picked up). I bought every album officially released and a few bootlegs and played them constantly. I admired his raw talent, emotive style and innovations in technique and sound. The dub folks hated him (which was a bonus at the time). He inspired me to pick up an instrument, pour my soul into it and "wave my own freak flag high"

    Cream was also a huge influence and I still love to hear "White Room", "Tales of Brave Ulysses" and "Strange Brew" (the last one being a favorite cover song in the band i play in)

  • SirNose586


    I am not terribly keen on the 'funk' style of guitar playing, which imho should stay in the supermarkets next to the frozen pork

    Hillary, what's your funkentelechy?

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Purp - your thread inspired me to pop in one of my favorites;

    Craig ChaQuico - Acoustic Planet

    Don't know if anyone else has mentioned this album - but it worth a listen.


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