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  • unclebruce

    It's no use pretending Gumby,

    I already told our new chum that you are the only active witness posting here.



  • wombat
    wombat nice to him...We want him to come back, don't we?

  • stealyourface

    oops, but there are technical difficulties!

    This board is not inciting religious hatred and discontent, but is engaged in a charitable and life-saving work. It's function is to warn the public about a publishing empire making millions of dollars by means of slave labor, and masquerading as a religion for the tax free status.

    Unless you are one who profit$ by such a manipulative and smarmy system, why be so upset about a little ol' website?

    Here is a website you may like better:http://

    It is a site that is composed of the publishing company's own words, and is a tribute to those who really see the big picture.


  • RubaDub

    youpeople .....

    I think we need to have brief discussion in the library. I notice two other brothers are available. It would be best for the three of us to talk to you. We have some serious questions to ask. We're certainly concerned about your attitude. We're just here to help you .. that's all.

    Rub a Dub

  • MissBehave

    Too bad he didn't make his moniker "you people are funny and so sad" then we could shorten it to ypafass.

    Could be scorchio of the "didn't last very long" class. If he starts trashing Americans and people from Monaco I'd say we've got our guy.

  • Legolas

    Well he/she/it has already showed the lurkers out there JUST what kind of love the JW's CLAIM to have and show to people!

    So BRAVO...You helped to prove our point..Thank you!

  • kid-A


    Thank you so much, you smarmy little brainwashed prick!! Whenever one of you little JW trolls wanders onto the site spreading your watchtower brand feces all over cyberspace it

    just reinforces EVERY reason we have for having left your sad little cult!! So, thank you brother! You will be a fine little ministerial servant, or maybe even CO someday!!!

  • ballistic

    This cracked me totally :

    i didn't say i wouldn't look at this one.


  • MissBehave

    hey ballistic, you are HOT!

    and kid-a....the spaghetti god on the other thread killed me!!!!!

  • gumby
    gumby nice to him...We want him to come back, don't we?

    Wombastard......he sounds like the type that is more likely to respond to criticism that buttkissin. Even if he never returns, there a plenty just like him lurking here that will benifit from truthful posts about the witnesses. Hell, we apostates have been known to namecall people that left the building days ago cuz were gonna give em hell whether they are here or not dammit!!!!! I still call Fred Hall and Unclebruce bad names from years ago. Gumwaxer

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