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  • diamondblue1974
    As you people don't know who i am or what i can do, I'm going to tell you a little something, I'm having this site closed for breeding religious hatred, believe me i can do it I will be doing this someone better register

    Explain how you will do this and how in particular you will get round our local (as well as international) rights in respect of freedom of speech?

    You see the only favour the WTBTS has ever done for us is campaign for those same rights...its ironic that you seem to object to those same rights coming back to haunt you. My advice is get a degree, learn how to debate and put forward an argument without having to resort to schoolyard taunts and insults....its immature, its foolish and it doesnt make you credible in any sense of the word.


  • kid-A

    hey ballistic, you are HOT!

    Hey Misbehave, what am I? Chopped liver??? LOL

    actually I have the hots for the gumbastard, that green plasticene gets me all hot and bothered!!!

  • unclebruce

    OK gumby ..nurse darias arrived's medication time!

  • Sunnygal41
    To me you are worthless, you are worthless bitter stupid little minded people.

    lmao............well, my own dear mama had a couple of pithy sayings when I was a little girl "it takes one to know one" and "each skunk smells his own asshole first".............let me know if ya need help figgerin' it out, go back and play with whatever it is kids play with these days...........

  • wombat

    I love that...Wombastard....

    Mate it has been so slow here since the Jan 15 WT. The lurkers aren't game to put their noses in. Maybe they've been told that they can be traced by the MS if they do so.

    So when we do get a frustrated lurker in -I say, encourage them -.

    Can't reply any more. Off to bed...............

  • BlessedStar

    What is love?

    When we claim that it's love

    that we have for someone,

    are we correct?


  • MissBehave

    kid-a, you being hot is a given....especially since you look like Johnny Depp!!! Please except my apologies for singling out ballistic and not you...but we just now got to see his mug!!!

    p.s. I have a Yamaha accoustic, an Ovation electric/accoustic and a Fender 12 string. Pretty hot for a chick, huh?

  • sf

    Damn bethelite-wannabes.


  • kid-A

    p.s. I have a Yamaha accoustic, an Ovation electric/accoustic and a Fender 12 string. Pretty hot for a chick, huh?

    Ooh baby! Chicks with guitars are ALWAYS hot!!!

  • ballistic
    hey ballistic, you are HOT!

    Why thankyou MissBehave! You're not the first to say that today! It's totally gone to my head! Oh well, some people enjoy 15 minutes of fame, I might as well enjoy 15 minutes of HOTNESS.

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