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  • itsallgoodnow
    typical apostates, only real argument is grammamama (he can't spell)

    Oh, please. Why would we waste our time tearing apart your lame "arguments"? They're so bad and so obvious, why bother?

    But they are really really funny! You do a good job representing the JW viewpoint as illogical and bullying as it truly is.

  • kls
    Everyone be nice....We haven't had so much fun since PMJ went carpet cleaning.

    Fine , i will be nice,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ok , i am really ascared

    There ,all better now,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • wombat

    You people are all wrong.

    I am sure that "you people are funny and sad" has a valid reason why the WTS is so valuable and important to him and his family.

    I am sure that we could all learn if he shared some of his experiences with us.

    Give us a good witness "you people are funny and sad" and we will listen.

  • bebu
    To me you are worthless, you are worthless bitter stupid little minded people.

    I don't remember Jesus ever talking like this, not even to the ones who crucified him. He never even called the pharisees worthless. ...Are you sure you are his follower? You are scary. You sound like you enjoy hatred.

    (Ooops. That's right--you follow the Watchtower's words, not Jesus. That explains it right there.)

    ...BTW, I have NEVER been a Jehovahs Witness and so I am technically NOT an 'apostate' to the WTS or even to God for that matter. If every 'apostate' (by the WTS definition) here were to leave, the rest of us non-JWs would still raise the same issues and questions. Deal with the issues, please, and stop attacking people whom you don't even know.


  • mkr32208

    What a tool....

    There are no arguments in his little rant just foolish hate filled vindictiveness! As too "you don't know who I am" well if your a jdub then your probably a window washer or a janitor so who cares what you do!

    I vote that your the reincarnation of that scorpio (sp) dipshit...

  • freedomlover

    Hey youpeoplearefunnyandsad -

    hey welcome to the board! when are you going to share your story?! Hope you find this board as helpful as I have.

    BTW - I'm personally inviting you to Xmas at my house while we play on our Oiuja board and then I'll teach you how to cut yourself and offer your fresh blood up to Satan! On what fun.....but we also must celebrate my sister's b-day (since it's on Xmas) and we'll have a proper beheading because that's what ALWAYS happens when we have a birthday party! he he he.....good times..........

    you crack me up man! you did get me riled up....I'm LAUGHING MY ASS off at YOU! thanks for the laughs dude.....

  • wombat

    Freedomlover.....You asked the Q on a previous thread. Do you think he's ever been defd?

  • Tea4Two

    In reply to closing this site down for religious hate.....The WTS spouts out religious hate in every awake and watchtower....when has the watchtower ever said anything good about another religion?

  • schne_belly
    How many of you check this site everyday, well? have you got mental problems? maybe not, but you are obsessed aren't you?, how many time have you posted this week, this month, ha ha ha ha losers.

    Interesting.... I see you have only been a member of this site for a day, how many times have YOU posted again?. I've been a memeber for over a year and only average about 1-2 a WEEK! Now who were you calling "obsessed"?

    If you decide to stick around, at your rate, you'll have over 1000 posts in no time...keep up the good work!

    Ohhh and by the way WELCOME TO THE BOARD~

  • cruzanheart

    I think he's 14 years old and his parents don't know he's on the computer.


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