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  • AuldSoul

    I think it is PSD, or PDF, or PMS, or whatever that sad, little JW "great-thinker" was that used to buzz around the forum posing as his own neice (in a nice frilly dress, with gingham checks, and paisley socks, with shiny black patten leather shoes and a fuzzy wittle teddy-bear in "her" arms).

    His mention of bad grammar is a clue. His use of "nore" is another. His mixed use of caps lock another. He still hasn't answered the questions he was asked oh so long ago. I hope it is him.


  • kid-A

    I think it is PSD, or PDF, or PMS,

    My first thought was that this had to be PMJ, but the IPs dont match up (he may just be posting from another location), but if it is PMJ, he has

    finally learned to use the "spell checker" since there is a significant improvement in spelling, despite the content being the same fecal matter spread by PMJ....

  • poppers

    "I have my own brain and not one of you morons could effect me."
    Your "brain" needs some basic re-tuning. Learn to use the proper words if you want to be taken seriously.... Don't you mean to say, "I have my own brain and not one of you morons could affect me."?
    If you really had your own brain, and used it, you would be very much affected. The brain you are using is the product of someone else's thinking - now that is truly sad, and not funny at all.

  • rebel8

    OP, Well I for one am deeply moved by your posts and shamed into obeisance. I think I'll go back to the org get the "delightful words of truth".


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