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  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    I'm off sick, how many of you just haven't got anything better to do. To me you are worthless, you are worthless bitter stupid little minded people. How many of you check this site everyday, well? have you got mental problems? maybe not, but you are obsessed aren't you?, how many time have you posted this week, this month, ha ha ha ha losers.

    Have you got anything better to do than run to your local KH and kiss butts? No, what YOU're doing is worthless and stupid and a no-brainer. Aren't you obsessed with fitting the perfect jdubya image? Doing every little thing by rote and without question so you'll be pleasing to a group of earthling men. How much time have you put in at the KH meetings, book studies, field service? This week? This month?

    No I haven't read the replies to my last post although I'm finding it hard to resist. But let me just add some things There is no doubt that some of you 'apostates but you don't even know it' thought you have given some very clever respones. Just to clarify, I've had my share of the world and I'm glad I'm out of it, you however are hanging around on a JW site ;this is my first and last day of looking on here - and i'm only on here to wnd you lot up,

    Yeah, you peeked.

    maybe you should get a hobby that involves you going outside......... perhaps not though because you people tend to be drawn to gatherings of witnesses, you aren't bitter ? no? but you all meet up and plot and try and spot gramatical errors and signs in photos

    Those hobbies are called swimming, golf, flying a kite, baseball, football, tennis, etc. But you don't have time for real recreation, do ya, huh? We aren't drawn to your gatherings. We're shunning 'em, in case you hadn't noticed. Whatever we're meeting up to plot apparently is working. No need for bitterness here. You DO sound bitter, though....and very hateful and spite-filled. What a fine example of loving-kindness you are.

    If you family has broken up, or someone said something you have taken offence at, get over it, little bitter aren't you. You aren't as clever as you think, are you happy? really? you aren't are you? why else are you on here, on a site designed to bitch, you aren't. So whats so great about you trying to make people who are happy, unhappy, are you stupid?

    Such devotion to hate-filled speech. Who's bitter? Who?

    I have my own brain and not one of you morons could effect me.

    Yes, I saw your brain taking a walk without you.

    If a group of elders did something to you, expect that there are some awful elders, but there are plenty of great ones.

    One bad apple spoils the whole barrel.....just like that old jdubya saying, "if the parents are vipers, the babies are vipers and deserve to be killed too." (Although, in truth, I think it's a tasteless, tacky analogy.)

    Believe me i'm not trying to encourage you, just let you know that those of us really in the truth pity and laugh at you, not because we are told to, but because its a natural reaction to the pathetic.

    I believe that you're not trying to encourage us, but I also believe that your speech and behavior DO reconfirm our resolve NEVER to return to association with hateful, spiteful, haughty judgMENTAL people such as yourself that profess to be godly like jdubyas do.

    I do NOT however believe that you're really "in the truth." Of course, when you're knee-deep in manure, I'm sure it's difficult to recognize when you've been surrounded with it forever.

    And your reaction is only natural to haughty people.

    by the way me saying any of this doesn't mean i looked back at my last post, it just means you are all predictable...
    To us, you're the one who's predictable......and haughty and hateful.
  • deeskis

    unc, u working the night shift again!?

  • BlessedStar

    youpeople etc etc

    You are right! Mean things are said here and no one admits it. It's unbelievable.


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    As you people don't know who i am or what i can do, I'm going to tell you a little something, I'm having this site closed for BREEDING RELIGIOUS HATRED, believe me i can do it I will be doing this someone better register

    What's that? Sorry, no premise for that here on this forum. We didn't "breed" you. You are the epitome of religious hatred.

  • wombat

    Everyone be nice....We haven't had so much fun since PMJ went carpet cleaning.

    The boy can't help himself. It makes the place interesting.

  • BlessedStar

    check out this site, some people's heads are hard like concrete.


  • Odrade

    Jehovahs Witnesses are so nice and loving. I must run back to the Kingdom Hall right now! Bless you for your kindness it has saved me!

  • Texas Apostate
    Texas Apostate

    Perfect example of an uneducated, braindead young JW. He'll make elder someday.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    Everyone be nice....We haven't had so much fun since PMJ went carpet cleaning.

    I AM bein' nice, nice as I can be in responding to such hate-filled hogwash.

    Frannie (of the batting her eyelashes innocently class)

  • Scully
    I'm going to tell you a little something, I'm having this site closed for breeding religious hatred, believe me i can do it I will be doing this someone better register

    I guess you don't understand the concept of Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Worship, eh?

    BTW, how much hatred for us who have left the WTS is being bred at the local Kingdom Hall™? Last I heard you're supposed to HATE us with a great LOATHING. I guess that means your little cult Kingdom Halls™ are going to be subject to the same shut down that you expect to see happen here.

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