I've got $500 on Taylor Hicks to win American Idol ( 10 to 1 odds ) : )

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  • lisaBObeesa
    I love Taylor, I agree, but the best singer is the guy who is hearing impaired?!? Can't remember his name. He has a beard and really bad teeth. Unfortunately, I think those teeth will loose it for him. Americans are amazingly addicted to perfect teeth.

    You mean Elliot...yeah, he is really good. I like him, too.

    And that Kevin kid has no business being there, and I can not believe he got more votes than Sway, who was very soulful and sexy.

    I'm afraid that is the doing of www.voteforthewost.com (copy and paste the URL into your address bar, the link doesn't work for some reason.)

  • Snoozy

    The only one I heard sing on key...


    And has a really long post!..

  • LDH

    Well I'm into the second hour, and little Kevin did ok. I don't think it was "A-pawl-ing" as Simon says.

    But I remain unimpressed. Yes, it is Elliott I like best.

    Surprisingly Bucky brought out the Stevie Ray Vaughn vibe on "Superstitous."

    Mandesa slaughtered "Don't you Worry". If you want to hear a real vocalist blow this, check out Incognito's version.

  • lisaBObeesa

    Did I mention I LOVE TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He Was GREAT!

    (God, what a dork I am. )

    Edited to say wow, Paris was good, too!

  • Beachbender

    Taylor, Paris & Chris were on last night !!! They did awesome!

    Does anyone else think they put these people in order to appear to sing by the way the votes have been coming in??! It just appeared as this was the case last night, just to keep the audience all the way to the end of the show??!

  • Legolas

    Taylor Hicks all the way baby!

    The rest are just good...so what!

    Taylor brings the crowd alive with his energy, you can tell he enjoys making people fell happy and that he LOVES what he does for what it is...not for the money!

    Go Taylor

  • Legolas

    And people PLEASE get that STUPID blonde off the stage!

    Her act got OLD real quick!

  • Crumpet

    I;m in the UK but I have been watching right through from teh auditions til now and my vote goes as follows:

    My groin votes for Ace

    My eyes vote for Kelly

    My heart votes for Taylor

    My head and soul vote for Elliot - unassuming and awesome and none of the rather copy cat twitchiness of Taylor.

  • LDH

    Thank you God for Chris, Taylor, and Elliot. And Katherine was pretty good too.

    Elliot just had a bad song choice last night.

    Paris' vocals' were ok but I am not into the 'act' she put on. If I'm not mistaken she's 16, so why the jilted lover act?

  • kid-A

    And people PLEASE get that STUPID blonde off the stage!

    Oh gawd yes, I totally agree, that old "I'm juz' a country girl"!! routine is enough to make you barf!! She's gonna get the boot soon. I have to say, as annoying as he is,

    I was actually impressed with bucky last night, it was like "Lynyrd Skynyrd" (however you spell it!) doing Stevie Wonder. The little dork in the glasses has got to go!! ha ha

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