I've got $500 on Taylor Hicks to win American Idol ( 10 to 1 odds ) : )

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  • lilybird

    I love watching American Idol.. just wish I could vote.. but Canadian Idol starts soon.. they always have great talent on there too...I think everyone on American Idol is really good this season.. I would have trouble picking just one.. But I think Kevin should have gone this week instead of Melissa... Guess he has a lot of supporters.. as Simon says.. the old lady vote..

  • ellderwho

    Chris is the next idol, they need a white guy to win.

    Taylor, are you kidding me! I just watched the movie Ray, (awesome flick) man how much does Taylor remind you of a cross between Ray Charles and Jay Leno?? Whats up with the leaning and holding his arms on the sides? Stop it!

    Elliot will loose because of the grill? Not the singing.

    Chicken Little has gotta go. I cant believe that geek lastest this long.

    Kelly Pickler is cute but a country bumpkin.

    Chris is really the only one that stands out thusfar.

    Paris is the female re-incarnation of James Brown.

    Ace looks like a deer in the headlights.

    Bucky, another bad grill. I think they tried to fix it with a fake tooth. (anybody catch that)

    I like Katherine, but the idol needs a white male winner.

  • a Christian
    a Christian

    Taylor is the voters # 1 choice by far. There was a site called DIALIDOL.com It was just shut down by Idol lawyers with a court order yesterday.

    They predicted Idol voting results very accurately. They predicted that both Ace and Lisa would be in the bottom three this week. Something that nobody could have guessed. They made their predictions based on how often they got busy sinals when dialing to vote for all the contestants. They had hundreds of phones across the country all dialing and recording busy signals. The more often they got a busy signal meant that more people were voting for a contestant. Taylor's line was busy 65 % of the time. Chris was the third busiest with his line being busy about half as often as Taylor's. As I recall. The bottom four were Kevin, Ace, Mellisa and Lisa. They were so accurate over the last few weeks Idol lawyers got them shut down to preserve their ratings and drama until the following night's "results show."

  • lilybird

    Now that would be amazing if Taylor Hicks won.I think that Chris definitely has talent and Simon likes him.. but he is not that different from a lot of good rock singers. Taylor has a different style .. and he has lots of soul and talent..And Simon didn't want to let Taylor go thru to Hollywood in the first place and told Paula and Randy they would never put him into the next round... If he makes it close to the end.. or even wins it all.. Will Simon actually admit he was WRONG for once???

  • freedom96

    lilybird- actually Simon did admit he was wrong on the first show with all 24.

    I like Katherine, she has a great voice, and seems to be a nice girl.

    Chris is good, but no personality at all.

    I love Taylor...I want him to win, with Katherine as runner up.

  • lilybird
    I love Taylor...I want him to win, with Katherine as runner up.

    I agree.. thats the way I would like it go also...

  • wednesday

    edited to add stuff crumpet, very good sum up.

    I think Chris is very HOT , but I was also in "luv" with Bo Bice , and really nealy had an "O" during Constantine's Morouilis singing of Bohemian Rhapsody.

    Katherine, is VERY good, but she has really got some stiff competion this year. to win she needs something original.
    Mandrisa is a Aretha wanna be. yes she can sing good, but frankly, I'm tired of her kind of music. I love Aretha, but she can't be copied.

    Kellie is very cute, but we did that last year with Carrie. I don't think America will vote 2 years in a row for a country singer. But I like her a lot and man did she ever belt out a song, week before last. Can't remember the song title, but Simon was right, she is a naughty little minx.

    Elliot is GREAT but very sadly, not good looking. His voice is actually superior to all, but his looks are too odd. He needs to grow hair, lose side burns and get teeth fixed. But he can sing, no doubt about it.

    Paris has a famous grandmother, and that is it. She is not hot or original enough to win.
    Kevin is a doopy little twit. Please stop the 10 yr old's from voting and get him off.
    So that is my unhumble opinion on AI this year. I see either Chris or Taylor winning with Katherine or Kellie coming in third. Yes Mandrisa will hang in there, but she is not better than Chris, who took that stevie wonder song and rocked out. She not original and I would never buy her stuff.

    What is it about AI that brings out the anger in people? The DB''s at AI are a hotbed of controversy. People really get mad .I love that show and can't stay away. It is like a trainwreck at times, bad, but you can't look away.

    I almost forgot Bucky. Not bad on Stevie night. but he can't win. Not good enough and we already did country last year.

  • lisaBObeesa
    Yes, he has a pretty good voice, but you have to remember, it is the WHOLE package that is considered here.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    I Love TAYLOR HICKS ! I think Chris has got it all though . ACE has creepy eyes ,I don't like him at all.I Kelly is annouying now , cute, but enough is enough same with Kevin Katherine has got it together , Mandissa is great but I am grow tired of her voice. Elliot has an Amish boy look that I think unfairly will count against him .....His voice is wonderful

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    well Mike, we're both 52, from Michigan, and now yes...Both addicted to A. Idol. I like Katherine, and probably Paris is the best..But like Bucky.

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