I was about two years old when my dad "discovered the truth". First of four children. Confident I was being raised in the right way, and quite scared to dissapoint my parents especially my father, I got baptized at age 18, although I never pionnered and hated going door-to-door and to meetings. I gradually became frustrated about all the contradictions, judgement and lack of logic displayed in what I heard every week. So after a bit of research (gasp!)and meditation, I found confirmation to what I suspected and left once and for all, and never looked back. Today I'm a happy and free young woman, apostate is what they like to call me, and I love studying ancient religions of the world and everything I damn well wish without feeling guilty. I adore cats and nature and love to practice Yoga (the horror!) I am also an visual artist who very much enjoys painting. Oh, I must mention that my whole family has left the JWs for good, all except my father...and I'm working extra-hard to free his poor endoctrinated mind...he is shunning me, right now.