It's Friday night - what are you up to??

by Super_Becka 86 Replies latest jw friends

  • Smiles_Smiles

    Well since Saturday is date night for me ... tonight I am doing laundry, cooking and curling up to watch a good movie with my daughter. The perfect Friday night.

  • Clam

    Had a pretty lazy day, stopped working at midday. Took the dogs to the beach this afternoon then went to the pub for a few pints early on in the evening.

  • IronClaw
    Reading Watctower. HA ! HA ! HA LOL

    Dont do that THINK, you almost gave me a heart attack. That would make you blood guilty. LOL

    Im sitting back in my lounge chair at my puter sipping on some Crown Royal listening some oldies through my headphones reading some posts.

    Man it dont get any better than this.

    Love ya'll.

    The Claw

  • luna2

    Ah, well, it's 6:45 and I'm still at work. Just waiting for the main computer to come back up and I'm off to the grocery store. Then I get to go home, make myself dinner, clean some stuff and read a book until 10:00 when the Red Green Hour starts on WGBY. Really, really an exciting life I lead. Can't even drink beer or eat greasy potato chips cuz they'll give me indigestion. LOL

  • M.J.

    tonight--discuss the WT with wifey

  • inbyathread

    I and my wife are going to warmly welcome our son home for a weekend stay, have a home made pizza (there is no other kind). Drink a couple of drinks. Might even watch a movie or two.

    Oh didn't mention that he is DF'd but then I really don't care. I have unconditional love for him and I also know that he was repentant. The elders don't know s**t.

    Enjoy the weekend people with those you love.

  • DanTheMan

    Usually on Fridays I drink a six pack or so and listen to music. Once I get pretty buzzed I might put in my South Park DVD and watch the Uncle Fukka song.

  • onesong

    Hey Claw, you paint a great picture !!! Cheers Everyone!!

  • Seeking Knowledge
    Seeking Knowledge


    Tonite I drop the little one off with his buddy at the local Little Gym to have some much deserved "adult" time with some friends. I have no idea what we are doing. We've done bingo and pool so far, I suggested roller skating but they don't seem to want to take me up on that. What can I say? It was something!



  • onesong


    If it's not to much watch any episode with TIMMMMMYYY!!!! for me. Thanks.

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