Do you oppose Gay marriage?

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  • truthseeker

    Well guys, I have to go now.

    If there are times when you ask further questions and I do not respond straight away, it's not because I can't answer or have nothing to say, it's because I'm not at my computer.

    A good discussion.

  • LittleToe


    unleash the beast!

    See below...


    ...perhaps see Nessie...

    You just made me spit my beer all over the monitor, reading that in the context of this thread ROFLMAO!!!

    I love travelling, and hope to visit the States again later this year. When I can pluck up the courage to hit my credit card again

  • avishai

    Jesus was the son of God, Muhammed was the son of a human female. Besides, they were 800 years too late.

    Ahhh the old "They're wrong, we're right" chestnut. The phrase singlehandedly responsible than any other in human history.

    Here's a quote for you that I just saw in one of elsewhere's post's....

    I am treated as evil by people who claim that they are being oppressed because they are not allowed to force me to practice what they do.—D. Dale Gulledge

    There were tons of other "sons of god" predating Jesus, many born of virgin mothers, and also crucified. Mithras, Osiris, etc.

    So, technically, Xtianity was late too.

  • Enigma One
    Enigma One

    The Religious Right Crazies have attempted to rewrite history by asserting that the United States government derived from Christian foundations, that our Founding Fathers originally aimed for a Christian nation. This idea simply does not hold to the historical evidence.

    Of course many Americans did practice Christianity, but so also did many believe in deistic philosophy. Indeed, MOST of our influential Founding Fathers, although they respected the rights of other religionists, held to deism and Freemasonry tenets rather than to Christianity.

    As for the "slippery slope" argument being bandied about. Are you telling me that since my state govt. just raised the speed limit on highways from 65 mph to 70 mph, we are now on a "slippery slope" to raising the speeds to 110 mph? Or flip flop the argument. Back during the gas crisis lowering speed limits to 55 mph was considered a priority to save oil/gas. Did we eventually keep lowering the speed limit to zero? Nope! So don't be ridiculous.

    Thank you for "explaining" your position Truthseeker, as ye shall know them by their words.

  • beksbks

    Holy cow! I hate coming late to the party, soooo much to read. TS, did you post that article on HIV because you are trying to use that tired idea that it's gods punishment for Homosexuality? If so, what about lesbians? Also, of all the things going on in this world that are against gods laws, THAT is the one he is gonna get involved in??!

    Slippery slope, is that like we went to Vietnam to stop the spread of communism, we lost, and now the whole world............uh isn't communist??

  • skyman

    The more I think about it I might be a lesbian, Because I think about p###y when I get out of bed. I look at all the nice looking women wondering what their p###y would be like. I love to undress women with my mind that happen to cross my path during the day. When I come home I think about how I can get my wife in bed.

    So yes I must be a lesbian. They are OK because they think just like I do.

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