Sad news from Maui

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  • DaCheech

    My best to whoever knew the fella

  • observador

    "He also shared that he wanted to visit his mother in Europe and her response was "if you are not a Jehovah's Witness don't bother". Shunning is such a powerful tool, it can cut you to the heart."

    Never underestimate the power this cult has on people, and the danger it poses.
    Due to access to information, we now know of JWs and ex-JWs comitting suicide; can you imagine how many other cases that we don't know of?

    Depression is really, really serious. It can literally kill you.


  • Thegoodgirl

    I am so sorry to read about this. I didn't know him well, but the whole situation is just so sad. Yes, his girls' life will be altered, always thinking back to this tragic event.

  • Jourles

    Oh my god.

    I truly hate this "religion."

  • sass_my_frass

    So sorry to hear it. What a terrifying cult to do this to a person.

  • Sassy

    I didn't see this thread till now.. but had posted in others created about him regarding our losing him.

    Ary has been on my mind constantly since SimpleSAlly called me with the news. I can't believe I will never again share a margarita with him ... or see a post where he's popped in to say hi.. or sent me an IM to see how SimpleSally and I were doing..

    I'm sooooo extremely sad.. Sad for him and the pain he had.

    I just wanted to add that in several conversations with Ary he expressed much pain because his daughters would not speak to him. One daughter was newly married and he told me with anguish on his face "I don't even know her new last name." He also shared that he wanted to visit his mother in Europe and her response was "if you are not a Jehovah's Witness don't bother". Shunning is such a powerful tool, it can cut you to the heart. That sums up how I now feel about the witnesses...they are not a harmless religion, that "works" for those that need rigid rules in their's a destructive cult that causes loss of self worth to the point of desperation that lead Ary to him taking his own life....

    What Makena said regarding his pain about the shunning he received from his daughters, I knew that was very intense for him. For so long I didn't have my kids in my life and it was a pain we had often shared in conversation. I always hoped they would soften one day. Now it will never happen.

  • simplesally

    I remember when he came here and we were lying by the pool and drinking beer during the week! We had such fun.

    I got a call from Ary over Thanksgiving. I had had chemo that week and my mom had left the day before. I was sick. Teryn and I spent the day alone pretty much in bed all day. I didn't get up to get the phone and didn't listen to the message till days later....and then I emailed him back instead of calling. Reading his posts (in another thread) now make me realize how alone he felt that day. I am glad I emailed him back and told him I had been ill..........but still, I wish I had been able to 'be there' for him ........ I wish he would have told somebody the depths of his despair.

  • jst2laws

    Good bye Ary

    A few pictures gleaned from my encounters with Ary.


  • Kaethra

    That is so sad...poor man. I can't begin to imagine the guilt his daughters are going to feel if they have any heart or conscience at all.

  • outnfree

    My condolences to all who knew and loved him. Emphasis on the "loved" -- because his mother and his ex-wife and his senseless daughters, all deeply enmeshed in the JW cult surely didn't love him in the end. Blessings on Sally, Sassy, Princess, CodeBlue and NoDenial, and Mak and Sabina for accepting and enjoying and loving this man, whom I never met, but who seemed very gentle and fragile in his posts.

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