Sad news from Maui

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  • Soledad

    This is so sad! I remember Puternut very well and I liked reading his posts.

    at a loss for words......

  • Xandria

    I am shocked and extremely saddened...


  • The Leological One
    The Leological One
    I just wanted to add that in several conversations with Ary he expressed much pain because his daughters would not speak to him. One daughter was newly married and he told me with anguish on his face "I don't even know her new last name." He also shared that he wanted to visit his mother in Europe and her response was "if you are not a Jehovah's Witness don't bother". Shunning is such a powerful tool, it can cut you to the heart. That sums up how I now feel about the witnesses...they are not a harmless religion, that "works" for those that need rigid rules in their's a destructive cult that causes loss of self worth to the point of desperation that lead Ary to him taking his own life.... Just like our precious 21 year old daughter did seven years ago when the elders threatened to disfellowship her. That's what makes it especially painful for me, another precious life made to feel so separated from our source and loving co-creator. sabine/js

    I fortunately have never been a JW, but my wife is going through the same shunning crap that's hurt so many people on this thread. Damn I wish I could go back in time and do a curb trick on the teeth of the person who dreamt up this whole DF'ing/shunning bs~!

    I never knew the guy and am not sure I've ever even read a post of his, but having had a step brother and a really good friend kill themselves, what's happened to Ari as well as your daughter has me pretty upset right now, especially when the shunning he's endured surely comes into play to some degree regardless of other possible reasons behind it.

    I feel for anyone else who knew him as well as all who've been going through the whole shunning process. It's sometimes easy for me to just see the funny/silly stuff about the WT to laugh about, but then something always seems to bring things back into focus regarding how many people the WT has and is currently severely hurting.

    Peace, and thanks.

  • candidlynuts

    so sad.. just want to offer my condolences as well to Ary's friends here , thank you for posting , i always enjoyed his posts.

  • Think

    Truth will NEVER be conquer with a lie.

    The most dangerous LIE is the one looking like a truth.

  • codeblue

    Puternut and Octavia stayed with us before they moved to Maui........

    He visited us before in May. He was a friend of ours that we will truly miss.

    We feel for his pain and how it ended his life. We hope he is at peace now.

    Codeblue and NOdenial

  • Think

    Let's say the TRUTH here LOUDLY:

    Wittneses of Jehovah are extremely dangerous and destructive CULT because it is a SATANIC CULT.

  • outoftheorg

    I remember Puternut and his posts. Alwas thought he was a rather tender loving kind of guy.

    I read these kinds of posts and oscilate between severe anger and sadness. I wonder if his girls and even his ex wife will someday look at their own actions and how this might of had an effect on him?

    The wbts won't or can't give a rats ass about what they did to him. And they wonder why we detest the wbts so strongly.

    Another loss of life due to the wbts teachings-demands-punitive actions.

    Nothing good, seldom if ever at all, comes out of the wbts.


  • hubert

    Sabine/js.....Sorry to hear you lost your daughter to this cult.

    Also sorry to hear you lost your good friend, Ari. I remember him posting. May he be at peace.


  • kgfreeperson

    So, so sad. I remember that before he left for Hawaii he'd had some kind of reconciliation with, I thought, both his daughters. He left for Hawaii with such hope and happiness (at least I thought). Well, the best we can hope for is peace for him. I suspect this will be devastating for his younger daughter.

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