Sad news from Maui

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    What a shame. He seemed so happy to move to Hawaii. What is the worst is that his daughter's probably will never understand the part they played in his mental state. How many more have to die at their own hands before the WTS realizes the pain they cause with their loveless policies. Like always they will blame it on the person leaving the safety of the WTS.


    I sincerely hope you are getting the help you need. Please don't ever be one more statistic.

  • simplesally


    Puternut's real name was Ary. And since he wasn't hiding his name was Ary Spoelstra. He really was such a kind, thoughtful man. Sadly, his daughters will feel so guilty that they listened to their mother and the elders in their hall. Sadly, the JW's will not take responsiblity for the shunning but will claim this was all Ary's fault, that he was unhappy since he left Jehovah.

    Ary never left God. He wasn't sure how the whole kitten kaboodle worked out, but he did believe in God and he knew that the secrecy of the Organization was wrong. I know that he encouraged me to pray and he felt that God would hear my prayers.

  • luna2

    How awful! I wonder how his shunning family feels now. Stupid cult.

    What sad, sad news.

  • LittleToe


    This is terrible news

    He was finally living his dream, albeit the estrangement from his family was a dark undercurrent. Another death-by-proxy on Brooklyn's hands! Their shunning policy stinks to high heaven!

    R.I.P. Ary

  • stillAwitness

    Sadly, the JW's will not take responsiblity for the shunning but will claim this was all Ary's fault, that he was unhappy since he left Jehovah.

    How true! I remember hearing convos of those who committed suicide and my mother would always say" "See what happens when you leave Jehovah and his organization?"

    It would scare me as a young girl.

    How grateful I am to know this is simply not the case. It is such a harsh reality to know that a religion can do this to a person. I did not know putternut but it sitll hurts.

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    didn't know him, read his posts, very, very sad day.

    I have known wonderful people who took this route.

    Not right. Good people are being put through hell and back because of this stupid effing organization.

    They should be held accountable.


  • Angharad

    Oh no, such sad news.

    R.I.P Ari Thanks for letting his friends here know Makena.

  • Gadget

    I remember his posts, he seemed like a really nice guy. I hope he's found the peace he was looking for.


  • Preston

    I didn't know Puternut personally, but I did know of him

    My condolences to his friends and family

    They're in my thoughts and prayers

    - Preston

  • Rabbit

    I only knew Ari from the board, but it's still a shock and a very sad day for all of us. JW's & XJW's alike -- there are no winners here.

    We had something in common that we talked about here. He and I both had an X wife that with the guidance of the WT cult turned our 3 daughters against us...shunning us. We had that painful understanding.

    I wonder how his daughters will react now that he's gone -- never able to reconcile. I feel sorry for them, they are victims and now have to live with what they've done.

    I, too, absolutely Hate this religion. Far too many good people have died from the social pressure cooker called JWism .

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