Sad news from Maui

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  • demeter

    I just read about Puternut and it is very sad. He wrote some nice posts and was a nice guy. I think shunning is terrible.

    But, most of us have been Witnesses at one time and trully believed that what the organization said and tried to be obedient even when it was very difficult. I don't think a person should judge his daughters or the rest of the family so harshly. I'm sure they are in world of pain right now.

    Feel love and compassion for everyone, even the ones who have not gained the understanding we have. I think God is Unconditional love and Ary is at peace with God. I think God wants us to feel unconditional love for him and his family. Elizabeth Kubler Ross wrote that these kind of things help us to know the eternal lessons we are here to learn. And the greatest lesson we are here to learn is unconditional love. Even if the Watchtower doesn't preach it, at least we do know it. When we get away from the organization, then this knowledge does come from deep inside us if we learn to our innermost voice.

    I think this is what Puternut would want us to know right now. I think he would want us to feel compassion for his family.

    Peace, Demeter

  • cyber-sista

    I got to know Ary though JWD. We wrote a few times since he was coming to Hawaii to live and we were going to meet over here someday. He seemed a kind and sensitive man who was deeply hurt by the shunning experience. I think many of us cried when we read his stories of grief over the loss of his family and friends. He was a good man.


  • Fleur

    Oh, no.

    So very sad...just heartbreaking.

    Rest in peace, Ary...


  • Special K
    Special K

    Wow... I'm shocked about this sad news.

    I remember when he came on this board.

    May he (Puternut) rest in peace.

    Special K

  • hubert

    He looks so happy in those picture. Who would know that his heart was so sad, from looking at him.

    Even though I never met you, goodbye, my friend.


  • ldrnomo
    Shunning is such a powerful tool, it can cut you to the heart.

    This again shows how wicked and heartless the watchtower society is. I often wonder how many people I delt with in the past and was a part of d'fing have gone on to kill themselves. I hope none but will never know.

    May God forgive me if it's been the case.


  • dinah

    This happened before I joined here.

    Don't beat yourself up brother, you were blind at the time.

  • happehanna

    I often wonder about Puternut > Ari. It hurt and touched us all and adds to the scars that the JW cult have inflicted on us.

    I think too of his family, his two adult girls, if they had deep regrets about their treatment of their Father.


  • shamus100

    Every bad thing happening to us right now is temporary. Things will get better eventually. It's a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

    Very very tragic for him and for his family. My heart goes out to his three daughters who may already be out.

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